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Create view xml file containing a Uif-FormView:


Add view xml to the dataDictionaryPackages of the appropriate ModuleConfiguration spring bean:


Create the new form

Form classes should extend UifFormBase instead of ActionForm

Create the new Controller

  1. Controller class will extend UifControllerBase instead of [Dispatch|Kuali|KSB]Action
  2. make sure the controller is convert by the component-scan.
    • last I checked, this needed to be done in krad-servlet.xml, but there may be a better way now
  3. Add @Controller and @RequestMapping annotations to the class
  4. Add createInitialForm implementation
  5. Convert action methods:
    • Add @RequestMapping annotation to public methods returning ActionForward
    • Return ModelAndView instead of ActionForward
    • Change ActionForm parameter to @ModelAttribute annotated UifFormBase
    • Add BindingResult parameter
    • remove "throws IOException, ServletException" from method signature

configure a ViewAuthorizor class (which may or may not be custom) and add permissions


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