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One of the out standing work items for Rice is to refactor KEN so that it makes proper use of the KNS. This is being done in order to eliminate redundancy and ensure that all of Rice is using a consistent set of services.

There are many different tasks that this will encompase. Some of these tasks can be implemented independent of each other and some are of higher priority then others.

The main JIRA issue for tracking progress on these items is [TBD@JIRA] KULRICE-2193

Related issues:

  • KULRICE-270: confirm with functional users whether existing ActionList/Outbox functionality suffices (My Notifications and My Sent Notifications are slated for removal)
  • KULRICE-273: need to determine whether to just merge preferences entirely, or keep separate tables for now
  • KULRICE-1894: user/group lookups will be fixed by this work
  • KULRICE-2208: fate of KEN email deliverer; does not need to be resolved to complete this work (would be nice)

Converting KEN to use the KNS

  1. Eliminate redundant action list/notification list UIs and make sure Rice portal is generic enough for workflow and notification items
  2. Rewrite all existing KEN forms with the KNS
  3. Convert all OJB mappings to JPA???
  4. Refactor KEN's user and group services to use KIM
  5. Determine if there is anything which needs to be done with KEN non-document screens

Screen Conversion

Existing UIs


Conversion Mechanism

Work Needs to Be Done

My Notifications


Just need to make sure that action list has generic labels and not workflow specific and portal has link to action list.

My Sent Notifications

Will use the document search screen

Need to determine if portal has to have a specific link for this. Note, the pending "Outbox Enhancement" being proposed by Cornell will satisfy this requirement, so assuming that goes through, no additional work should be needed.

KEN Portal


Need to eliminate and use the single Rice portal



Goes away since this is just the existing document search screen

Lookup Users


Goes away with the use of KIM

Lookup Workgroups


Goes away with use of KIM

Channel Subscriptions

Maint Doc/Lookups

Need to talk to Eric (see below)

Delivery Type Subscriptions

Maint Doc/Lookups

Same as Channel Subscriptions... need to talk to Eric (see below)

Action List Preferences


Currently is just a link to the action list preferences. May want to generalize labels where possible.

Send Simple Notification

Transactional Document

Need to figure out if existing table structures will work and how to spawn separate notifications.

Send Event Notification Form


Will yank and only support sending them through API.

Viewing Notification

Transactional Document


New UIs

  1. Channel Maintenance/Lookup/Inquiry
  2. Content Type Maintenance/Lookup/Inquiry
  3. Producer Maintenance/Lookup/Inquiry - includes a collection of channels that they are authorized to use
  4. Priorities Maintenance/Lookup/Inquiry
  5. Channel Reviewers Maintenance/Lookup/Inquiry


  1. Talk to Eric about whether we can re-use the Preferences maintenance document that Eric is doing for KEW, for subscription and delivery preferences
    • Idea would be to hang collections off of a parent Preference object and have those be separate sections on the users preferences screen
  2. Need to check on how a user selects to have certain delivery types enabled for workflow documents.

Database Changes

  1. For the basic reference tables (Channels, Channel Reviewers, Content Type, Producer, Priorities), we need to add in OBJ_ID and VER_NBR where necessary across the board