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This document is a draft proposal.  Certain aspects of this document are not implemented.  Do not use as a guide for current work.

Continuous Delivery

Continuous delivery means the publication of production ready code to GitHub.  Any code that is in the following branches is considered production ready:

BranchRice VersionCorresponding Development Branch
masterlatest ricedevelopment
rice-2.5Rice 2.5.xrice-2.5-development

Production ready code means that the code has:

  • Passed code review
  • Unit test passes
  • Integration test passes
  • Functional tests are acceptable.  There are functional tests that cause occasional false failures.  There are CI jobs to verify these failures.

(question) to be answered:


To support institutional users, Kuali Rice will continue to be released to maven central and as a binary download.  Every release will have a corresponding tag in the git repository.

(question) to be answered:

  • how often? (consider impacting changes, versions to support)


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