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btmConfig as GlobalResourceLoaderServiceFactoryBean running DefaultMessageExceptionHandlerTest.testsInException sometimes throws ERROR: No running tx found, please only store in context of an PB-transaction, to avoid side-effects - e.g. when rollback of complex objects Try to store object without active PersistenceBroker transaction (see Bitronix error child page for details) Add interceptor and supporting spring beans xmls:

Error creating bean with name 'org.apache.cxf.configuration.Configurer' during tearDown
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  1. Jeff L. replied to a KC Tech Collab post with some details on Bitronix log configuration:
    Bitronix was defaulting to looking for them in the Tomcat bin directory, and not all of our test instances had their bin directories set up the same way. We were able to configure the tlog locations to be in environment/app-specific directories by setting them directly on the btmConfig bean in DataSourceSpringBeans.xml like so:


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    If you set the properties this way, you don’t have to worry about having a KC-specific file or accidentally overriding Bitronix settings from Rice— the btmConfig bean should pull in the any default properties from that properties file, and you can override anything else you’d like to customize on the bean itself.