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State of  KRMS Enhancements work (gathered from Peter and Erik)

Aug 08, 2012

  • All the work has been checked-in into svn here:
  • Erik confirms all his work has unit tests done/working.
    • Integration tests are not see test_createNaturalLanguageTemplate, test_getNaturalLanguageTemplate, test_updateNaturalLanguageTemplate, and test_deleteNaturalLanguageTemplate in NaturalLanguageTemplateIntegrationGenTest for tests that need the Attribute Definitions implement per below.
    • RuleManagementIntegrationTest has a simple example commented out which should pass when the basic functionality of tempting is working.
  • Backlogged work items
    • RuleManagementService Spring configuration
    • RuleManagementService/getNaturalLanguageForType
    • RuleManagementService/getNaturalLanguageUsage
    • KRMS Attrib definition work in the context of NaturalLanguageTemplateBoService
    • Proper visibility on NaturalLanguageTemplateBoService template method os other templating engines can be used.
  • Peter estimates around 80 hours for the NL design/algo/impl/testing


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