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Date and Time: August 8, 3-4 pm Eastern Time
Conference Dial-in Number: 218-844-0850
Participant Access Code: 429965#
Facilitator: Jessica Coltrin


  1. Roll-call - Jessica
  2. Update on Rice 2.0 - Jessica
    1. Milestones and Timeline
  3. Update on Beta Test Plans - Matt
    1. 2.0 Beta Collab Site
  4. Reminder - Register For Kuali Days 2011
  5. Questions?
    1. this issue ( came up last time, but there was no status update.  this patch is required for a JSR168, JSR286 portlet that i wrote, and there are some people interested in installing it at their institutions.
    2. Sharon Thelen - why base salary is a required field for Faculty and Staff affiliations. This doesn’t seem related to a person’s identity and it seems like it would quickly get out of sync with the HR/Payroll system. 

Action Items

  1. Jessica - provide status to Tim on KULRICE-4902 by end of week
  2. Jessica - follow-up with KAI on Sharon's Question


1. KULRICE-4902 - status update on that, post portlet source - Tim Carroll

2. Something KFS did when they handed over to us - ask at KAI

3.  Update on Implementations

- Arizona - timeline for go-live of KFS in 1 month, KC up and running

- Illinois - Pilot, development stopped, slow on the uptake, portlet development on the side, using Kuali Ready, some tries on workflow adoption; looking for more online configuration, people to build own workflows

- UC-Merced - looking at KC, bringing up some proposal development, start to use eDocLite, automate some processes, sometime this Fall, possibility of expanding a lot, looking at getting more involved, participating in 2.0 beta

- USC - continued implementation with KFS, working with RedHat on getting it working with JBoss

4. Wish List for Rice

Tim Carroll

- break through with 1 hour seminar on portlet

- during pilot, some contact, Standalone Rice server, write a Rice application that uses their standalone server

- offer to help us flesh out Getting Started Guide, provide someone to partner with on this


- described requirements gathering workshops at KD, users groups


1. Jessica Coltrin - Rice

2. Matt Sargent - Rice

3. Matthew - USC

4. John Purnell - UC-Merced

5. Douglas Pace - University of Arizona

6. Peter Giles- Rice

7. Candace Soderston - Rice

8. Tim Carroll - University of Illinois

9. Emerson David - Rice

10. David Elyea - Rice

11. Jeremy Hanson - Rice

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