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Working List
  1. Dictionary Validation (validation of XML configuration on startup or by separate program) (Req #12)
  2. Tables - standard semantics encoded (accessibility & readies for smaller devices) (Req #14)
  3. Tabs - standard semantics encoded (accessibility & readies for smaller devices) (Req #15)
  4. Keyboard Support (enter key, other shortcuts, back to top) (Req #16) 
  5. Code cleanup - Compliance to W3C standards (code checker output) (Req #17) - needs more detail/clarification and if it should be part of this or just general maintenance work.
  6. Improved Session Support (restore when session dies, multiple user tab support) - Multi-tasking support capability - so that documents don't "hose" each other when multiple processes from the same user session are invoked.  Support multiple browser tab support. (Req #18)
  7. Applications access data via Services versus via direct database access (Req #22)
  8. Filtered & Faceted search, including Was previously Req #12:  Lookup Support for Faceted Search (Req #31)
  9. Combobox Control (Req #32)
  10. Inline Edit widget (Req #33) 
  11. User Preferences (Req #35)
    1. global
    2. per session
    3. per BO
    4. Filter search results by user
  12. Breadcrumbs revisit and support for breadcrumbs in a lightbox (chain) that aren't view lookups (Req #36)
  13. Unique URLs for pages (in the left nav or tab) (Req #37)
  14. Back-button support for js actions (pushing history of js actions to browsers history) (Req #38)
  15. UI boilerplate elements - make always in view (left nav, buttons, breadcrumbs), while others scroll away or collapse (Req #40)
  16. Undo support (Req #41)
  17. Combine "lookup" and "inquiry" or "maintenance" views on one page, or easily get back and forth between the two (Req #43)
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