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Date and Time: April 11, 3-4 pm Eastern Time
Conference Dial-in Number: (218) 844-0850
Participant Access Code: 429965#
Facilitator: Jessica Coltrin


  1. Roll-call - Jessica
  2. Rice 1.1 is now 2.0, reasons behind the version number change - Jessica
  3. Update on Rice - Jessica
  4. Update on Rice 2.0- - Jessica
    1. Milestones and Timeline
  5. Early Access/Beta Test for Rice 2.0 - Jessica
  6. Proposal to meet every 2 months instead of once a month - Jessica
  7. Questions? - Eric, Jeremy, Jessica


5. Beta Test

Draft announcement to mailing list & get interest from those participating.

Mailing list to communicate, ability to report issues - communication channel.

6. Proposal to meet every 2 months instead of once a month

Everyone on the call was ok with moving to every 2 months.


  • USC - Will KFS 4.0 be compatible with Rice 4.0?
    • No, KFS will need to upgrade to 2.0, but every Rice 2.x release will be compatible with the KFS version that uses 2.x.
  • USC: Dev mode vs. batch mode - how different in batch mode?
    • Dev mode keeps it local. Can publish or consume services.
    • Batch mode makes to invisible to the bus in regards with services. Can consume, but don't publish services.
  • USC: Can several app developers use a central Rice standalone server?
    • yes, turn off dev mode
    • make sure all services are not published on localhost (default), standalone server will not know how to get back
    • publish all services with a standard IP
    • USC is trying this & debugging isn't working
    • IU will run locally & point at central Rice db, makes debugging easier
    • KFS can run bundled and work this way as well
    • not really a great solution for this right now, architecture doesn't support it, workarounds
    • Bundled mode causes issues that are fixed on dev machine, but not in test or prod environment
    • Eric has task with TRC to document issues with KSB & this will be on the list
  • USC: Shutdown KFS client, Rice standalone server is running, KIM derived roles are trying to trigger, causing errors
    • Some work done by Jeremy on group screen in the past to address this
    • IU runs into same issues
    • idea to monitor & log a message, try/catch around areas with remote calls
    • Eric suggested filing a Rice Jira with stack trace in KULRICE queue
  • UC-Irvine: Problems with Students having Rice accounts? How does FERPA come into play?
    • IU does have students in there doing drop/add etc.
    • IU IT Security Team created a "white list" of Rice URLs that students are allowed to use, implemented filter
    • Could have used KIM, but used existing functionality to check if a student or not
    • Email suppression, name suppression etc. for FERPA - masking settings is built into Entity 
    • Roadmap item for FERPA/FIPPA just was lowered in priority
    • How does a reviewer of a doc know who reviewing if this is masked?
      • emplid - reviewer can look up name as needed
    • Are all employees allowed to view anything?
      • FERPA restrictions apply to everyone at IU
      • Can see info if you have a business need to see it, no strong definition of business need


1. Jeremy Hanson - ISU

2. Curtis Bray - UC-Davis

3. Saurabh Ajmera - USC

4. Matthew Aynalem - USC

5. John Purnell - UC-Merced

6. Waren Liang - UC-Irvine

7. Eric Westfall - IU

8. Jessica Coltin - University of Arizona

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