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This document is a draft (7-12-2011).


The requirement for this is driven by the Kuali Rice Roadmap, specifically Kuali Rice Roadmap JIRA KRRM-127

Functional Design & Requirements

  • security needs to be checked for who they are and do they have access to import/export or both.
  • need to have a template for permissions for this
  • example: You may only be able to import a doc type if you have the import doc type permission for that as an example
  • permission template that’s assigned for a role
  • Find the functional model for KIM permissions and roles
  • Permissions are never granted to an individual, only roles
  • Need to design the permission templates and their required details do they support.
  • Need to document what data can be imported and exported
  • Import/Export based on Namespace in KIM
  • need to know if a combo import/export is needed



Setup and Maintenance

  1. Permission Template
    1. Import Document Type
    2. Export Document Type
    3. Import & Export Document type
    4. Other Details?
  2. Permission
    1. Based on above template(s)
    2. Import & Export of type "KFS"
    3. Then grant this permission(s) to a role(s)
  3. Roles
    1. Have Permissions added onto them
    2. Memberships
      1. Principals
      2. Group
      3. Other Roles

Use Cases

Technical Design & implementation

  • Modeling Maps Gliffy Zoom Zoom KFS XML Export Example
  • Database Model
  • Services Gliffy Zoom Zoom KIM Architecture

Work Breakdown and Estimates

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