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Sri: May 10, 2012 to EricW

2. AgendaTreeDefinition

I was trying to figure out the use case for AgendaTreeDefinition, given that agendaItem is capable of supporting the hierarchical structure.
Peter kindly investigated and could not find any use cases either. In addition, he had done the integration tests without using AgendaTreeDefinition at all.

We decided to comment out AgendaTree related stuff and are not providing any CRUD for it in the new contracts. Is this the right decision or are we missing use cases for AgendaTree?

EricW reply

2) The original intent here was that AgendaItemDefinition not contain the concrete relationships to it's "when true/false/always" item definitions.
This was intended to allow for loading of a single agenda item (say, for editing purposes) without having the load the entire agenda structure.
It looks like this was lost somewhere along the way in the work that was done on KRMS. So, the way it's implemented now, I think you are probably right that it's pretty much redundant.

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