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  1. Introductions
  2. Updates - each group present
    1. Rice 2.0 Beta Testing updates reminder
  3. Performance, Security, Load Testing request
    1. Expected Load - what throughput are you looking to achieve?
    2. As the Rice team continues to develop and refine our QA processes, we'd like to gather some information from our institution, application, and commercial partners. We're looking to get an idea of the kind of throughput that each of you expects from Rice. Some examples of the kind of information we're seeking to collect for benchmarks are averages (minute, hour, day, week, month, etc.) for …
      1. Action Lists generated
      2. Document Searches
      3. Route Logs generated
      4. Service calls to Rice Services
      5. Documents routed in an average Hour, Day, Week
      6. In addition to these, any other metrics you might use to evaluate the performance of Rice would be very much appreciated. Thanks!
  4. Documentation
    1. Team are working on it through the Beta


shannon - the upgrade took quite a while, but it took some re-configuring but it's going. not horrible but took a lot of time. i'm working on the upgrade guide right now.

eric - can we share that?

shannon - i think so all the library changes and such are in there…

greg - most of that stuff is out there on the 2.0 beta page already so we should be good

eric - so we have a table that lists the specific versions of the old libraries, what's been added and what's been moved, etc.

shannon - maybe we should make it more global instead of just an IU one…

greg - do we want to put it out on the regular confluence space then? not everyone has access to IU confluence. if so it makes sense to do that.

eric - we went through the process of upgrading a KNS application…

greg - the biggest time was dealing with the module configurations the spring config changed quite a bit. APIs and Java code changes wasn't that big of a deal. some key label pairs have been changed. the config is going to be the big thing.

eric - hasn't been rolled out to our enterprise folks, but we want the upgrade guy before we roll that out which is hopefully in the next week or two.

eric - ifs project has put up a list of issues that they've had and it's linked out on the 2.0 beta

geoff - from kc we brought in beta 2 and have filed kulrice-5965 that is a blocker but we're working around on that. we've put some documentation out on the wiki page as well.

jessica - wouldn't hurt to email the rice collab list letting them know about the rice 2.0 beta testing page so that those that may not be participating in the meetings but are playing with the beta are aware of the information being shared.


Some of the people below



Bennett, James

Brint, Mike

Byrne, Ailish

Chandran, Chitra

Coltrin, Jessica

David, Emerson

De Rosa, Christopher

Dufalla, David

Durkin, Terry

Elyea, David

Finnigan, Rich

Foster, Brandon

Gibson, Scott

Giles, Peter

Hanson, Jeremy

Hess, Shannon

Hoffman, Joshua

Kaushik, Rajiv

Keller, Jonathan

Kousheh, Mohammed

Lemus, Dan

McGregor, Geoff

Neal, Jerry

Niesen, Claus

Patterson, Greg

Prohaska, Gary

Purnell, John

Renfro, James

Sargent, Matt

Seibert, Dan

Thomas, Jim

Warren, Sean

Westfall, Eric

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