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Dial in Instructions:

  1. Dial the Auto Attendant at 812-856-7060
  2. Enter the conference number (22304) followed by the # key (e.g., 22304#)

Screen Share (if needed):


  1. Updates - from Rice Team
    1. Bundled Mode restriction updates
    2. Migration and upgrades scripts
    3. Bug Fixes and Beta Releases
  2. Other Walk-on Items



1. Updates - from Rice Team
a. Bundled Mode restriction updates
b. Migration and upgrades scripts
c. Bug Fixes and Beta Releases
2. Other Walk-on Items

eric - The configures and the run modes they could be use, they weren't off but not usable. They should be organized approp. by the b4 release which will be Wednesday 21.

chitra - workflow data migration scripts, how to move the transaction data that's in the tables. kc 3.2 kc 5.0 if they have some workflow docs enroute they'll need a script of some sort to handle that type of data.

eric - xml for maintenance docs, that one's still in there, not completed but is being worked on. there were some changes to business objects, those changes are going to impact the xml that's stored in the table. focus has been on the run modes, will likely be worked on in beta 5.

jessica - there shouldn't be an expectation that it will 100% be fixed by the next Beta, however we'll make our best effort. if there are things that are not set to critical or blocker, it will likely not make the beta for sure. our intention is to get them all done, if it's critical for your work, please let your liaison know.

chitra - that answers our questions, if we find issues we need to be sure prioritize them (critical, blocker) or there's a chance it may slip to the next release.

eric - yes the priority drives our ranking

jessica - i'm curious for the apps and others, where are you in using rice 2.0? have you gotten it to compile, are you working w/Rice 2.0? would be useful to know where you're at…

jonathan - we trimmed away most of the kfs to focus on the core, documents aren't working at all. immediate blow-up, my main issue is related to our role maintenance work…more of a secondary issue right now. Anythings I've had has been logged on the KFS conversion page, we have our own document header class that's hard to replace in Rice 2.0

jerry - I'd like to talk about that one later w/the group to see if the work eric's doing may be able to help with that

jonathan - that's the main blocker we have, not being able to test documents, this one is where we're stalled on over all set

chitra - from KC we've been able to work with the new beta's as they come, been able to get the project compiling and have been able to test simple maint docs. Working on trans now, have been able to create save some docs and have been submitting JIRAs, ran into some KIM issues that have been fixed and have some KRAD issues out there. Have been able to proceed w/testing as I run into issues. so far there is nothing that's really blocking.

shannon - we have the standalone up and running, currently working converting our load tests over, and have hit some bugs then contribute the fix back. we've started with some of our clients, but aren't past the compilation stage yet. HRE has about 2K errors left down from 4500.

greg - we have our data provisioning up and running on B1, but haven't used the documents yet, need B4 so we don't have to run it in embedded mode.

eric - we sent our initial upgrade out to our client areas 12/15, however most won't start doing work till early January. Our planned Upgrade date at IU is 8/4/12, however areas are looking to getting started early.

james - at UW were working on getting our standalone up w/LDAP integration then working on our auth system before going onto performance testing.

eric - i'm really looking forward to starting load testing to see how that goes.

mohammed - working on the standalone server with B3, we are going to test load with our HR system, will try to work on what KC is doing. Not working on upgrading anytime soon, in the middle of 1.0 to soon. Have another group that we are working with to have them try KRAD w/a small application.

jerry - this is on the KFS conversion issues page, 4th down. kfs has a custom header w/custom fields. needs to override that document header class. can't just override once, have to do it at every step.

eric - can we not inject a rice.krad spring bean to override the document header class.

jonathan - seems like what we need is a way to define these beans in such a way that the other modules find them first.

eric - seems like you guys have a custom document service implementation

jonathan - nope, we're using the KRAD doc service. trying to override the document header

eric - in the spring reference section, maybe it should be in the header override, i'd be interested in seeing that. if you could override the way KRAD is constructing it, would that give you what you need.

jonathan - that should work for us

eric - additional spring files mech. used to be global, but is now per module, you can create a spring file with an override in there that should override the default KRAD implementation

jonathan - worried if that gets called in each context, will need for each context?

eric - shouldn't work that way, if it is, that's incorrect. ksb hack to load KRAD will be gone in B4.


Some of the people below



Bennett, James

Brint, Mike

Byrne, Ailish

Chandran, Chitra

Coltrin, Jessica

David, Emerson

De Rosa, Christopher

Dufalla, David

Durkin, Terry

Elyea, David

Finnigan, Rich

Foster, Brandon

Gibson, Scott

Giles, Peter

Hanson, Jeremy

Hess, Shannon

Hoffman, Joshua

Kaushik, Rajiv

Keller, Jonathan

Kousheh, Mohammed

Lemus, Dan

McGregor, Geoff

Neal, Jerry

Niesen, Claus

Patterson, Greg

Prohaska, Gary

Purnell, John

Renfro, James

Sargent, Matt

Seibert, Dan

Thomas, Jim

Warren, Sean

Westfall, Eric

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