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  1. Introductions
  2. Timeline of Beta, Releases, etc.
    1. Rice 2.0 Timeline
      1. Beta 1 - 11/7
      2. Beta 2 - 11/21
      3. Beta 3 - 12/5
      4. Beta 4 - 12/19
      5. Beta 5 - 1/9
    2. Rice 2.0 Beta 1 note related to modularity
  3. Liaisons and expectations
  4. Performance, Security, Load Testing request
    1. Expected Load - what throughput are you looking to achieve?
    2. UX - request about setup pains
  5. Documentation
    1. Still in rudimentary state, release notes will provide an overview
    2. Team will be working on it through the Beta
  6. JIRAs Creation Process
  7. Future Meetings


gary - when will the modularity stuff be fixed
eric - the 12/5 release will probably be the one where we have the modularity stuff fixed, but we hope to have it ready sooner than that.
chitra - we've been trying to convert our code and identify which packages have changed, those are in groovy scripts and such. right now we do have things compiling with the with m9.
eric - are those out in the wiki
chitra - i'll update the links with our latest scripts
eric - greg and james please send matt links to the conversion work IU has been doing. and everyone else please do so if you have things as well.




Bennett, James


Brint, Mike


Chandran, Chitra


Coltrin, Jessica


David, Emerson


De Rosa, Christopher


Dufalla, David


Durkin, Terry


Elyea, David


Finnigan, Rich


Foster, Brandon


Gibson, Scott


Giles, Peter


Hanson, Jeremy


Hess, Shannon


Hoffman, Joshua


Kaushik, Rajiv


Keller, Jonathan


Kousheh, Mohammed


Lemus, Dan


McGregor, Geoff


Mescher, Patty


Neal, Jerry


Niesen, Claus


Patterson, Greg


Prohaska, Gary


Purnell, John


Renfro, James


Sargent, Matt


Seibert, Dan


Thomas, Jim


Warren, Sean


Westfall, Eric


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