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Dial in Instructions:

  1. Dial the Auto Attendant at 812-856-7060
  2. Enter the conference number (22304) followed by the # key (e.g., 22304#)

Screen Share (if needed):


  1. Updates - from Rice Team
    1. RC1 Focus
      1. B7 Release to help w/Embedded work - wills end out note when ready
    2. 1/27 Release Progress
    3. 2.1 (looking at Late April for release)
      1. continued performance and bug fixes
      2. production recommendation - Jessica
  2. Updates - from Beta Groups
    1. Performance Tests?
    2. Configuring your application or implementation with 2.0 progress?
  3. Last meeting, we'll be sending out a follow-up survey about the Beta process, etc.
  4. Other Walk-on Items


chitra - most of our testing is if functionality is working and such, not time to do performance. working on embedded mode now...

eric - how close are you to getting embedded to work or are you waiting on B7?

chitra - we need the B7 to go forward

eric - are we doing beta like things for 2.1 or 2.2

jessica - we're looking at milestones for sure, but don't have beta plans for now

eric - do we have plans for this list then?

matt - not for the first 1/2 of '12, but I could see it being used beyond that for bigger releases, including like a 2.3; just depends on the impact/size of the release and what's in it is what I'm thinking.


Some of the people below



Bennett, James

Brint, Mike

Byrne, Ailish

Chandran, Chitra

Coltrin, Jessica

David, Emerson

De Rosa, Christopher

Dufalla, David

Durkin, Terry

Elyea, David

Finnigan, Rich

Foster, Brandon

Gibson, Scott

Giles, Peter

Hanson, Jeremy

Hess, Shannon

Hoffman, Joshua

Kaushik, Rajiv

Keller, Jonathan

Kousheh, Mohammed

Lemus, Dan

McGregor, Geoff

Neal, Jerry

Niesen, Claus

Patterson, Greg

Prohaska, Gary

Purnell, John

Renfro, James

Sargent, Matt

Seibert, Dan

Thomas, Jim

Warren, Sean

Westfall, Eric

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