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Step Three - Setting up Google Drive

The URL for Google Apps for Kuali is at

The folder "Kuali Shared" contains all of Kuali’s shared files and folders.

Make sure you are logged into with your account. (Shown in upper right corner)

Now "Move" the Kuali Shared folder into "My Drive"

1. Navigate to Kuali Shared

2. Click on the Kuali Shared folder to bring down a menu and select "Move to"

3. This will open a box titled "Move to", where it says Item is not in your Drive.

4. To the left of "My Drive", click in the empty space and checkmark will appear next to "My Drive" (shown below) and the Move button becomes active.

5. Click on the "Move" button and you will get the message at the top of your screen "Kuali Shared has been added to My Drive" (pictured below). You will also see Kuali Shared in My Drive in the left navigation pain with your personal folder.

6. If you click on My Drive, it will highlight and show the contents in the Document list as below.


Google Drive Tips and Tricks

In several situations, Google Drive will not show the latest documents. When that happens, you can run a “wild-card search” and that will usually reveal the latest documents.

To perform a wild-card search, type an asterick "*" (shift-8) in the search bar and then select the option to "Search Kuali Foundation". This will almost always show the latest documents.

However, if after a few hours you still do not see documents or folders that you know you should have permission to view, please contact for assistance.

Moving Other Folders into "My Drive" for easy access (or how to keep a folder in two places at once!)

It's often handy to have folders in "My Drive" rather than buried in the folder structure. To do this, it's important to understand how Google Drive folders and documents work. Each folder or document has a static URL on some Google Server in the ether where it actually "lives." Putting your folder/document into other folders is actually just tagging that folder/document with another place it can be found (what Google Docs used to call "collections). You can tag a document/folder with any number of locations to make finding it easier. For example, a project logo might be tagged with the "logos" folder under the Foundation folder structure, but also tagged under a "logos" folder under a Project's specific folder structure. You can also tag any folder with "My drive" to keep it at your fingertips.

By using the "Move To" procedure outlined above, you can move any folder into My Drive. BUT!!!! Heed the warning below:


Rather than "moving" a document/folder from one place to another, we often want to add another tag. To retain all previous tags (and, for example, to leave the document in your teammate's folder and not take it from them), you need to know a little trick. When you go to "Move To" to move the document, rather than just clicking the checkbox and saying "Move," you must HOLD DOWN THE CTRL(COMMAND on MAC) KEY AND LEFT CLICK ON THE CHECKBOX. Holding down the CTRL(COMMAND on MAC) key tells Google that, rather than revoking all previous checkboxes it should retain them and ADD one more. If you are successful, you'lll get a message at the top of your screen like "X FOLDER has been added to My Drive." If you made an error, you'll get a message like "You've taken away everyone's permissions to this folder. UNDO?" Please, for everyone's convenience, please undo at this point.

If you need help making this work, contact for a tutorial. Once you understand how to do it, it can be one of the handiest features of Google Drive!


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  1. I've found that recently you don't have to do all the crazy "search" stuff to get Kuali Shared added. You can send a new person to the link, then they just click on the folder and add it to their drive. Shem Patterson do you want to verify and then update this guide?