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If you've used a wiki before, you know that they are great tools for team collaboration; however, you probably also know that as teams work together they can generate a lot of information that isn't always well maintained. Large wikis that support multiple teams and projects can quickly start to resemble your grandma's attic: there's stuff that is useful and available as/when needed; lots of stuff that was useful once and kept because it may be valuable in future, and a lot of junk that really has little current purpose (like that 8-Track or VHS player). The Kuali Student project has been in flight for a few years, so our Wiki space has a healthy mix of active, valid, important content, and content that as a new person, you can probably ignore.

To help as you try to get oriented, the Kuali Student Homepage is a good starting point. From this page, you can access the following current and active KS resources (make sure you are signed in to Confluence!):

  • Team Spaces. This area provides access to important information about the teams that are working on the KS project and how they govern their development processes. Depending on your role on KS, you will work actively with information from one or more of the following areas:

In addition to these working spaces, we also create documentation for each of our KS product releases to support our implementers, which we make available on the Kuali Student Documentation Home page. Through this area we deliver Release Notes, Installation Guides, and other release-specific materials. We will also deliver snapshots of the evolving How-To and Technical Guides.

As you work with Confluence and get acclimated to the Student project and your role, you will invariably find (or even create) other valuable Wiki resources, but the pages described above are a good place to start while you are onboarding.

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