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A page that describes naming conventions and patterns in place in the Kuali POM Files. This includes some recommended best practices and solutions for solving name collisions, and how to dynamically adjust things like what plugins get used, when, and versions for plugins/dependencies.

Naming Conventions

We follow most standard naming conventions. Here is a list:

  • for naming your dependency for maven
  • describes how to name your plugin artifact that you are developing. Basically, apache foundation maven plugins follow the pattern maven-<plugin>-plugin. Non-apache foundation plugins follow the pattern <plugin>-maven-plugin. For example, the maven compiler plugin is maven-compiler-plugin, but the liquibase maven plugin is liquibase-maven-plugin because it is not from the maven project.
  • Version Property Naming Convention. Version property names usually follow the pattern <artifactId>.version. For example, maven-compiler-plugin.version, or commons-lang.version. For more examples, see Usage

Kuali-Specific naming


Version Property

Allows easily modify plugin versions across projects.


Setting the version property
Using the version property

Phase Property

Allows ease of organizing plugin execution phases. Even easily disabling plugins.


Setting the phase property
Using the phase property

When kuali.clover.phase is set to none, the plugin is essentially disabled. This is how to disable a plugin.