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Welcome to the Kuali Foundation Community Space  

What is the role of the Kuali Foundation?

The Kuali Foundation coordinates the efforts of Projects, Partners and Members and manages and protects the Foundation's intellectual property. The Foundation supports Legal Services, Financial Management, Hosting Services, Intellectual Property, Collaboration Infrastructure, Event Management, Licensing and Community Coordination. Please visit the Kuali Foundation website for more information about the Foundation. 

Who should use this Kuali Community Space?

New Community Member institutions, Project Teams, Functional Councils and Kuali Developers will find this information helpful. 

New to Kuali?

Go to our Onboarding page for instructions on how to become an active participant in the Kuali Community. 

See our Kuali Toolset page for instructions on how to create accounts for Foundation managed systems (Confluence wiki, Jira, SVN).

Technical Resources

Software Licensing
Quality Assurance
Code Contributions
Collaborative Infrastructure

Functional Resources

Implementation Collaboration

Foundation Support

Marketing and Branding
Travel Policies