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Welcome to the Kuali Community!

As a member of the team, your contributions will help to make Kuali the best that it can be.  Remember, everyone in the community is here to help and will make every effort to answer any questions you may have or at least be able to point you in the right direction.  A great place to ask is

Getting Started

This document is intended to assist and orient anyone who is new to the Kuali Foundation.  The following steps will help introduce new users to the various tools that are utilized by the community and help get any user properly provisioned with their necessary access rights and permissions.

  • Step One -- Create an account in KIS, our people directory.
    • Go to and click on the "create account" link at the top of the page.
    • Fill out the required information and then click submit.
  • You will see confirmation of your account creation and you can now log in. When you click on the login link at the top of the page, you will be redirected to CAS (the Kuali Central Authentication Service). On the CAS screen you will enter your username and password. This will initiate your session log in and you will be taken back to the KIS dashboard with your login stored for the remainder of this session for logging into all Kuali resources. Once at the dashboard, you can move on to Step Two.
  • Step Two -- Creating your accounts for Jira and Confluence (Why would I want to do this?  Well that is a very good question.  These two tools are used extensively in Kuali for keeping track of issues and bugs (Jira) and to document all of the processes and procedures (confluence) that you may have questions about.  And trust me if you are new to Kuali, you will have plenty of questions).
    • All you have to do to create these accounts, is to click on their respective buttons.
    • By clicking on the buttons, you are added to the base user groups for Jira and Confluence (which is also known as the wiki).
    • More than likely, you will want (or need) more access to these tools.  Your colleagues will be able to help direct you towards the specific project information you will need.
    • However, if you feel you need or would just like more access to either jira or the wiki, just email and we will evaluate your request.
  • Step Three -- Gain access to Google Docs and the Kuali Shared collection of documents
    • The link to Kuali's Google Apps are in a box on the left side of the KIS dashboard page, that you should be on, in the menu list.
    • They are labeled as Kuali Shared under Docs.  Either one of the links will take you to the Google Terms of Service that everyone is required to accept.
    • Upon acceptance, one of two things will happen.  If you happen to be using an existing gmail or google based email address, a screen will ask if you want to switch accounts to your new mail account or you will just continue to either the Documents page or the collection Kuali Shared, depending on your previous selection.
    • If you are asked to switch accounts, accept the switch and you will also go to the Documents page. 
      • On a side note, if you do happen to use another google based email account (i.e. gmail or your institution uses google for its email) you have the option of enabling multiple sign-in with google. We do not recommend it, our recommendation is that you open each email in a different browser like one in Firefox and one in Google Chrome, that keeps them separate and eliminates many issues.
    • We recommend that everyone "star" the Kuali Shared collection of documents. Google Docs are sometimes slow to appear and by marking any documents or collections that you frequently accessed, you will ease your use of Google Docs. From here, it will be up to your colleagues to direct you to the Documents or Calendars that you may also need access to.

Again, welcome to Kuali. We are here to help, please ask.

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