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All SME participants must invest time in learning the functionality of Coeus (premium and lite), and the tools and conventions used by Kuali.
There are orientations and documentation to help with this, but a lot of the "catching up" is done on your own initiative.

Message to KC All Hands about SME Expectations

Role (est. time commitment)

Duties and Responsibilities

Basic Member
(3-5 hours per week min.)

Actively participate in Subject Matter Expert's meetings to ensure their institution's requirements for a module are represented and addressed

  • Attends weekly meeting for module. Each module's SME group meets once a week, for 1.5-2 hours. Prepares for meetings by reviewing documents in advance and creating lists of issues and comments to contribute to the meeting
  • Validates requirements, consulting other experts at their institution, as required; as required, obtains local feedback and comment on issues raised at the weekly meetings
  • May contribute to requirements specifications by authoring one or more sections such as the "User Story"
  • Travel to meetings and conferences encouraged but mostly optional

Specification Author
(depends on specific specification experience and spec delivery dates: 8 - 24 hours per week)

Author and manage changes to one or more requirement specification documents

  • Investigates Coeus application functionality to determine requirements
  • Works with  Lead SME(s) to provide documents in a timely manner for review by the Business Analyst,  SME members, and Development Manager

Glossary Editor
(3-6 hours per week)

In addition to regular member duties, coordinate activity required to maintain the Kuali Coeus shared glossary

  • Create initial definitions and submit them for review at the SME meetings
  • Help to identify and document cases where
  • Present and confirm definitions used  by multiple modules with members of the appropriate SME meetings

Data Dictionary Editor
(3 - 8 hours per week)

In addition to regular member duties, coordinate activity required to maintain the module's data dictionary

  • Using the standard templates an document, work with specification authors, developers and analysts to ensure data elements for the module are correctly described and complete
  • Help to identify and document where data is used in more than one module
  • Present and confirm data definitions with all modules

(30 - 40 hours per week per person)

Coordinate and facilitate all meetings and activities for a module SME group

  • With Business Analyst and other project staff, plan for delivery of requirements for the module
  • Prepare meeting agenda and ensure delivery of specifications to members in adequate time for their review
  • Assist with and coordinate with software requirements discovery and writing
  • Work with project staff, including Business Analysts and Development managers, QA staff and documentation writers to communicate functionality and resolve issues
  • Work with QA Testing Coordinator and project staff to ensure test cases and scenarios provide test coverage for all requirements; assist with the authoring and development of test scenarios
  • Participate in testing application
  • Monitor issue and task  tracking system and respond to the need for additional information
  • Ensure Wiki site pages are up to date with latest specification documents, links to resources, specification completion status, member's contact information, and so on
  • Travel required to participate in team meetings** working sessions for functional specification and testing (2 - 3 times per year, ad hoc)
    • Functional Council Meetings ( 2 times per year)
    • Kuali Days conference (2 - 3 times per year)
    • Ad hoc (visits to partner institutions for training, updates, etc)
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