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List of Remaining Functional Equivalency Items

Items containing a parenthetical release number are scheduled for an upcoming KC release.  This list will be updated as items are scheduled for release, or uncovered during KC testing.

KRMS/S2S (5.0.1)

Proposal Development schemas for printing (5.0.1)

Report Tracking PI print (5.0.1)

KRMS stored procedure conversion (5.0.1)

IACUC – remaining actions, procedures, summary & history, action correspondence (5.0.1)

Proposal Development Subaward Budget (XML extraction for direct and F&A) (5.1)

Subaward Boiler Plate Agreements (5.1)

BIRT Integration (5.1)

Data Extract Tool  (5.1)

SF294/SF295 reporting (5.1)  

My ARRA (waiting for DATA Act to mature)

EOM (not functional in Coeus)

Search Screens (no “OR”), also previous/next ability 

Store BLOBs in the database

Improve Rice serialization of document data

Replace Personnel/Abstract Attachments while the proposal status is "approval pending" (enroute)

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