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Tuesday-Saturday, January 22-26, 2008

Colorado State University Fort Collins, Colorado

Presentations and Documents

Boot Campers in Action

Kuali thanks Ron Splittgerber for these candid photos. Colorado State was an outstanding host!

14 Below in Fort Collins!

James Instructs the KFS Class

The KRA Developers at Work

KRice Class in Session

The Interested Technologists Meet

Where Should I Sit?

KRA Class

This One's Got Us Stumped

Lab Time for Kuali Rice

The Lab for Interested Technologists

The KFS Lab

The KRA Lab

The Bryan and Terry Show for KRA

Aaron Explains Kuali Rice

Spaghetti for Lunch!


  • Tendered Developers: 27

    James Smith

    Sewit Adams

    Matthew McQuarrie

    Patrick Etienne

    Muddu Salem

    Ying Feng

    Dave Terret

    Kevin Kronenbitter

    Juancho Baino

    Daniela Balmus

    Mark Terry

    Harsha Ummerpilla

    Amanda Zhang


    Bryan Hutchinson

    Terry Durkin

    Varun Soni

    Andy Slusar

    Sharath Kulal

    Ganesh Prabhu

    Chitra Chandran

    Jaffrin Salam


    Aaron Godert

    Chris Kirchenman

    Phil Berres

    George Lindholm

    Larry Symms

    Bob Allison

  • Interested Technologists: 18

    Rob Yetter

    Kevin McHenry

    John Walker

    Mike Giebler

    Siva Ramaswamy

    Tyler Wilson

    Paul Teitelbaum

    Jon Peterson

    Diane Rees

    Ron Splittgerber

    Jean Zhou

    Alex Matsis

    David Thomas

    Bob Cooper

    Kathi Delehoy

    Zachary Naiman

    Wes Price

    Cameron Ahana


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