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KC Performance Issues

Jiras Reported:

  1.  KC Time and Money Documents were streaming large amounts of XML data to the table KREW_DOC_HDR_CNTNT_T which was filling the database rapidly and also causing performance issues when working with Time and Money Documents.    This was fixed in the data dictionary TimeAndMoney.xml by adding the WorkflowProperties configuration to limit what is written.  Discussion on Tech collab\* (*) -  Closed in 5.1
  2. KULRICE-8849 -removePrincipalFromRole and getRoleMemberPrincipalId methods very slow. (Improves performance of permissions tab in PD and other documents) - Closed in 5.1
  3. KULRICE-8847 - Role lookups slow when there are over 200 roles (same as KRACOEUS-6176) - Closed in 5.1
  4. KULRICE-8836 - Person maintenance screen loading very slowly when the person has a lot of roles - Closed in 5.1
  5. KRACOEUS-6175 :In Proposal Dev in MIT KC instance, the performance in the Budget section was VERY slow. Even before entering any budget data, simply moving from tab to tab took a very long time to process/load, and at times timed out in the browser. - Closed in 5.1
  6. KRACOEUS-6176:In Sys Admin > Person > Roles maintenance, in MIT KC instance, the performance was VERY slow. Saving took a long time to process/load, and at times timed out in the browser - Closed in 5.1
  7. KRACOEUS-5691:Need to change the way it sets SubAwards list to Award while opening the award document - Closed in 5.0.1
  8. KRACOEUS-6083:Create separate DAO for award search. This should optimize the search by using version history table and fetch only Pending or Active Awards with the search criteria. - Closed in 5.1
  9. KULRICE-7689: Performance issue with krim document qualified roles - Closed in 5.1
  10. KRACOEUS-6118:Improve Award performance with large hierarchies / lots of funding proposals - Closed in 5.1
  11. KRACOEUS-6157: Database indexes for improved performances - Closed in 5.1
  12. KRACOEUS-6184: Award & Award Hierarchy Improvements - Closed in 5.1
  13. KRACOEUS-6185: Prop Dev search limits. Search limits and permissions checks do need to be discussed with SMEs still though. - Closed in 5.1
  14. KRACOEUS-6187: Inst Prop Search limits. Same as above, should be discussed with SMEs. - Closed in 5.1
  15. KRAFDBCK-9901Performance Issue with role resolution

KC-Technical Collab List Suggestions:

  1. Data written to KRNS_SESN_DOC_T grows rapidly.  Maintaining this data also hurts the performance of KC.  There were discussions on the Tech Collab about this and it seems the Session Management Feature does not really function anyway so disabling this feature saves database space and increases performance.

KCINFR-698 - Closed in 5.1

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