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Some of the database scripts contain sequences only used in installs. Please run the SEQ_BS.sql script before applying any patch and run the CLEAN_SEQ_BS.sql script after the install to clean up.



Database patch - 1/23/2012

Issue: Oracle script uses wrong sequence for bootstrap data. This should not affect function; it only includes a cosmetic update to guarantee any KC bootstrap primary keys are below 10000.

Instructions: Replace the existing script with the KR_DML_01_KCINFR-370_B000.sql file in db_scripts\current\3.1.1\dml and kc_project\src\main\config\sql\current\3.1.1\dml

Included Fixes:

  • Replaces use of KRIM_ROLE_ID_S with KRIM_ROLE_ID_BS_S


Data Dictionary patch - 3/12/2012

Issue: KC currently does not support the property rice.additionalSpringFiles. Applying the patch will restore the functionality.

Instructions: Apply this patch to RiceOverridesSpringBeans.xml in any pre-Rice 2.x system (<= KC 3.1.1) either via Eclipse or manually.

Included Fixes

  • Adds
    to the Rice Configurer.


Database patch - 3/26/2012

Issue: Default Responsibilities for RiceDocument and KC workflow documents are not included in bootstrap data.  These are needed to successfully route errant documents to EXCEPTION routing to ensure that an administrator is aware of the failing document.

Instructions: Apply the Post-3.1.1-Patch-2012-03-26 sql patch corresponding to your database type to your KC 3.1/3.1.1 database.

Included Fixes:

  • Creates a Responsibility entry for both RiceDocument and KC workflow documents.
  • Assigns the new Responsibilities to the role Application Administrator


Generate All Budget Periods patch - 4/19/2012

Issue: Generating All Budget periods causes server crash with Out Of Memory error.

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