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What's the difference between 'embedded' and 'bundled'?

The terms 'embedded' and 'bundled' refer to Rice modes of operation and how they integrate with the KC side of the application.  A bundled configuration has both Rice and KC in the same web application and database, as if they were one single application.  This mode is often much faster than other modes but doesn't allow other Kuali Rice applications to integrate with it.  An embedded configuration is when Rice and KC both have separate web applications and databases but certain Rice services are still included on the KC side for speed.  This mode is a bit slower than bundled but allows other Kuali Rice applications to share the common Rice database.  The bundled mode is the one most often used when evaluating KC but embedded mode is the one most used for final implementations.

I currently have a KC 2.0 install and I want to upgrade to the latest and greatest KC.  How should I proceed?

You will need to upgrade to KC 3.0.1 first and then use the latest KC release to upgrade from there.  Then, when you start your upgrade from 3.0.1, select 3.0.1 from the list of available database versions to upgrade from.

When I log in as 'admin' with a base KC install (no demo data) I can't do anything with either documents or users!  How can I do setup on the system without loading the demo data?

As of release 4.0 we are packaging a superuser role called 'KC Superuser' that is assigned to the Rice user 'admin' by default.  This role has all permissions available in the system.  Implementers of KC 3.1.1 and below can obtain the patch that includes this role on the KC 3.1 Post Release Patches page.

I'm ready to do some authentication with real users from my institution and we use JA-SIG's Central Authentication Service (CAS).  How do I connect to an already working CAS server?

Please take a look at How to Setup CAS for KC for details.

KC doesn't exactly have the behavior that meets my institution's needs.  Can I customize its behavior?

We have a KC Customization guide available for anything from Maven war overlays to database and data dictionary extensions.

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