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KC Releases Summary.docx

Public Documentation for the Kuali Coeus (KC) Project

Request Help with KC


The KC project has set up the following collaboration lists for implementors

Functional: OR KIS link
Technical: OR KIS link
User: OR KIS link


Project Management














The following printable documentation covers KC 2.0 Requirements for Server, Supporting Application Software, Database, Embedded Mode, Unit Test Suite, and Configuration Parameters:

1.0 / 1.1.1



KC User Documentation Collaboration Group E-Mail List:
KC User Documentation & Online Help Google Site:







  •   Feb. 2012 DRAFT HTML - Standalone Online Help Files (compressed file):
  •   Feb. 2012 DRAFT PDF - Portable Document Format User Manual:  KC 4.0 User Manual.pdf
  •   Feb. 2012 DRAFT Word - Microsoft Word User Manual & Help Source (.docx format):  KC 4.0 User Manual.docx


  • KC 3.2 User Manual.pdf   56MB Portable Document Format - internal release (for investing partner institutions) requires Kauli Foundation community member account login for download





Prepared with generous assistance from Innovativ Consulting Partners:

1.0 / 1.1.1

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  1. I am looking for a technical implementation guide to installing and configuring Kuali Coeus. I have looked at the guide included in the download but am unable to properly setup the software after following the instructions provided. Can you point me in the right direction to a more detailed installation guide?

    Thank You,

    Nick Stevens

    1. Anonymous

      Hi Nick,

      I'm not sure that what you're looking for formally exists.  Someone closer to the community will need to confirm this for you.

      What I can tell you is that I've successfully installed the KC 1.1 downloadby following the quickstart instructions contained therein.  These installations have been for demo purposes only.

      Hope this helps,


      1. Thank you for the reply Craig

        I am unable to deply the kra-ptd.war file in Tomcat 5.5. I am getting the error "FAIL - Application at context path /kra-ptd could not be started". Also, when I look at the log file I notice the following:

        Jul 10, 2009 10:04:28 AM org.apache.catalina.core.StandardContext listenerStart
        SEVERE: Exception sending context initialized event to listener instance of class org.kuali.core.web.listener.JstlConstantsInitListener

        SEVERE: Exception sending context initialized event to listener instance of class org.kuali.kra.infrastructure.KraServiceLocatorListener

        Do I need to configure the WEB-INF/web.xml file to resolve this issue or can you point me in the right direction?


        Nick Stevens 

  2. Anonymous

    FYI, I've got it running on a windows box.

    main problems was postioning the "external" kra-config.xml file in the right place. I'm using a default tomcat 55 install, and it's using the SYSTEM account, so that put's it's profile directory in a weird place... so in that case, the xml file goes here: <!-- /* Font Definitions */ @font-face

    Unknown macro: {font-family}


    Unknown macro: {font-family}

    /* Style Definitions */ p.MsoNormal, li.MsoNormal, div.MsoNormal

    Unknown macro: {mso-style-unhide}


    Unknown macro: {mso-style-type}


    Unknown macro: {mso-style-type}

    @page Section1

    Unknown macro: {size}


    Unknown macro: {page}


     I'm using the OracleXE default install as well, had a hard time finding the last paramater for the datasource.url value...

    the datasource.url value should look like this:

    jdbc:oracle:thin:@<db hostname>:1521:xe

    so now I'm logged in as quickstart and about to start figuring out what to do next...  This is meant to be a useable distribution?

  3. Anonymous

    We ran into similar problems when installing... you'll likely also run into errors when you attempt to create a proposal as there are more tweaks necessary to get it to run successfully. If you have any problems send us an email, or log a ticket at and we'll be happy to lend a hand.

    Chris Thompson, Moderas

    email: cthompson@moderas.og

    phone: (518) 698-2446


  4. Anonymous

    I have managed to get KC running on my machine (Win 7, Oracle XE, TomCat 5.5) but I can't seem to get it to build. It's failing attempting to locate xfire from codehaus in the maven repositories
    central (,
    apache (,
    connector (,
    codehaus (,
    kuali (

    The maven repository at doesn't seem to have the needed repository files. Perhaps because it's moved onto version 2.0 ?
    I don't see the files at codehaus repository either.

    Perhaps I am simply missing something here? If anyone could help I would appreciate it.

    Sorry about anonymous message, I don't have an account yet.

  5. Anonymous

    Can the KC team please check the database install scripts? Following the installation guide I look to run KC against a MySQL database. The db_scripts/KC_Install.bat file for running the install on windows seems to handle the fact MySQL is an option. However, the non-windows equivalent,, does not have any executable statements for installing KC2 or MySQL.

    Even the db_scripts/MYSQL/KC_install.bat and .sh files, which I would assume would work for KC2 or MySQL, have nothing in them to work with MySQL or KC2.

  6. Help for anyone trying to install into a new oracle database setup with the 2.0 release.

    db_scripts/KC_Install.bat has some issues.  I had to fix a few lines for a new oracle install. 

    Here is what I did to make the install work for arguments "oracle new user password db" as the usage suggests.

    1) the line after the first :new tag (line 17)  is "goto usage" (line 18) this prevents a new install for oracle.  I removed this goto on line 18.

    2) the sqlplus command on line 20 has the arguments incorrect and does not work unless quoted and the @ should be <.

    I replaced [sqlplus %2/%3@%4 @KC-Release-2_0-Bundled-Oracle-Install.sql] with [sqlplus "%3"/"%4"@"%5" < KC-Release-2_0-Bundled-Oracle-Install.sql]

    With these changes my KC_Install.bat worked correctly for an install with the first two arguments "oracle new"

    I did not try a mysql install but sound like it too has issues from the comment above.

  7. Removed question about embedded vs bundled rice since it was explained via email.

  8. I am looking for ERDs for Proposal and S2S.  Do these exists?  If so, where might I find them?