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KPME Drivers Manual 1.2

The purpose of this documentation is to give users a broad overview of the KPME Test Drive environment to assist you in becoming familiar with the basic functions of KPME Time and Attendance. This is not intended to be a complete Users Guide. For our complete users guide, please see KPME User Guide.


Things to know before you start
Logging in
Navigating the system
      Clock Tab
      Time Detail Tab
      Leave Accrual Tab
      Approvals Tab
      Person Info Tab
      Batch Job Tab
      Maintenance Portal
Clocking In / Out
Manually Recording Time
Submitting Time for Approval
Approving Time
Logging Out / Changing Users
Test drive base system data

Things to know before you start

  • This environment is publicly available for anyone to use. Therefore, data you add is subject to change by anyone who uses the Test Drive system. Please DO NOT add CONFIDENTIAL DATA to this site
  • The data in Test Drive will be refreshed periodically so data you add today, may not be there later.
  • You are free to add system rules as you like. Please keep in mind that rules added by you or others can be system wide and can impact more than just your session.
  • Please note that this Test Drive instance was created with sample data and was tested to the best of our ability. Despite our best efforts, there may be data issues that could cause system errors. We encourage you to report any issues to the support contact below so that we may improve the test drive environment for all to use.

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Logging in

  • If you have not logged in before for your current browser session, you will be presented with the login page below with the user id "admin" pre-filled. Click the login button to continue and login as "admin". If you wish to login as someone other than "admin", see a sample list of usernames at the bottom of this page (Test drive base system data ).

  • After clicking the Login button, you will be presented with the following page:

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Navigating the system

  • At the top of the page are Menu Tabs that allow you to access different parts of the system.

  • If you have logged in using user id "admin" you will have all of the menu tabs above. Menu tabs are displayed based on the users access. If you log in as someone other than "admin", you may only see a subset of the tabs presented above.
  • User "admin" has complete access to the system both from a user perspective (Jobs that you clock in and out or record time against), a supervisor perspective (can approve timesheets) and an administrator perspective (can setup and modify system rules).
  • The first tab is the "Clock" tab and is used by Clock Entry employees to clock in and out of assignments for which they are to work. Users have the ability to select, an assignment and clock in, record a missed punch or distribute a time block to multiple assignments if the assignment is configured to do so.

Time Detail
  • The second tab "Time Detail(which is displayed by default when clicking the test drive link) displays the employees timesheet. Depending on the type of user, the timesheet can be used to add time (Manual Entry User), Review time (Clock Entry User), add benefit time such as Vacation, Sick etc. or all of the above. The user "admin" has jobs of all types for demonstration purposes within the Test Drive environment.
  • The top portion of the page is used for data entry / or review, the bottom portion is a summary for the pay period by day with totals.

Leave Accrual
  • The third tab "Leave Accrual" is displayed for employees that have benefit time such as Vacation or Sick time. This tab simply shows the current balances for each type of benefit time that the employee is entitled to.

  • The fourth tab "Approvals" is used by supervisors to approve timesheets that have been submitted for approval. From this page, supervisors can view the current status of an employee (clocked in or out), view a summary of their employees timesheets, view details of an employees timesheet and approve timesheets that have been submitted. Additionally, they may click on individual timesheets for further review or modifications.

Person Info
  • The fifth tab "Person Info" is a display only page that provides information about the user that is logged in. From this page you can view details about your prinicipal id and username, details about your job(s) and assignment(s) and roles that are defined to you in the system.

Batch Job
  • The sixth tab "Batch Job" is currently under construction and not available for use.

  • The Maintenance tab is available to selected users based on the users role at Maintenance. If you are logged in as user "admin" you will have access to all maintenance pages with the ability to define and maintain system configuration and employee data. The Maintenance page is separated into the following 3 sections:
    • Timekeeping- Used to define rules that drive processing of user data in the system. Examples include rules to define valid IP addresses for users to clock in and out from, rules for calculating shift differential and premium pay, rules for rounding clock actions and more.
    • HR/Payroll - Used to define setup data to drive system processing including code values, person data,etc.
    • Leave Maintenance - Used to define and setup data to drive time off such as accrual categories, holiday calendars, etc.
    • Administrative - Used to define and setup accounts, departments, locations, etc.
    • Inquiries - Used to allow users to query key user data tables in the system intended to help administrators research problems / questions.

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Clocking In / Out

  • Clock entry employees are required to punch a timeclock for time worked. For a list of sample clock entry users, see the system setup data at the bottom of this page. To take a clock action, simply click on the "Clock" tab on the top portion of the page.

  • Select an Assignment from the assignment drop down list as shown below

  • Once an Assignment has been selected, click the Clock In button as indicated below

  • Once you have clocked in, you will see that the Work Status changes to "Clocked in since...." and the clock button changes to "Clock Out". To clock out, simply click the clock out button. To see the timeblock created, click on the Time Detail tab and look for a timeblock on the calendar for the time period you were clocked in.

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Manually Recording Time

  • To manually record time, click the "Time Detail" tab as indicated in the image below.

  • To add time to a timesheet, either click on the single day for which you want to add time or click and drag your mouse across multiple days for which you want to enter time. When you release the mouse button, the pop-up window shown below will appear. Note that if multiple days were selected, the date range will be filled in with the days selected (exmp. 10/17 through 10/21 below)
  • Select an assignment to record time against

  • After selecting an assignment, you will need to select an earnings code to report your time against. By default "Regular Earnings" will appear. You have the option to record time against additional codes that can be configured by your institution.

  • After selecting an earnings code to record your time against, you must enter an In and Out time. Note that the system accepts a variety of formats for time entry to ease data entry for the user.

  • After entering the start and end times, click the Add button in the bottom right portion of the pop-up window to add the timeblock(s) to the timesheet. Timeblocks will appear on the timesheet in different colors based on the assignment worked for easy recognition when employees have multiple assignments. Note that the timeblock data is summarized by day at the bottom of the timesheet. If shift differential, overtime etc. is encountered, they will be reported and summarized on the timesheet. To remove a timeblock, click the red X in the top right corner of the timeblock you wish to delete.

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Submitting Time for Approval

  • To submit a timesheet for approval, click the "Submit for Approval" button indicated in the image below. Changes may be made by the employee after submission up until the time that it is approved by a supervisor. Once approved, no changes are allowed by the employee.

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Approving Time

  • To approve employee timesheets, click on the "Approvals" tab

  • On the Approvals page, those timesheets with a Status of 'R' - Enroute, and and the action button displayed are available to be approved. Note the items identified in the image. From left to right, you can identify the current clock status of an employee by looking in the first column. In the example below "admin" is currently clocked in and has been so since 3:40 PM. You can also note that timesheet 53187 is enroute and there is a summary of hours worked for the first week of the pay period. Note that the Approve button is available to approve the timesheet from the page. Optionally, the user may click on the Timesheet link (53187) to view the timesheet as the employee does.

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Logging out / changing users

  • To logout of the system, simply click the Logout button in the top right hand corner of any screen as shown in the image below

  • Once logged out, you will be presented with the following page

  • From here, simply click on the link you want and you will be presented with a login page to provide a username for logging back in.

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Test Drive Base System Data

The test drive system was established with basic data to help demonstrate the functionality of the KPME Time and Attendance system. Below you will find user name, user id and rules data that have been setup that will help you understand and demonstrate functions within the system.

Manual Entry User Names / ID's

Manual entry users record time by clicking the day(s) worked on the Time Detail page and entering start / end times or the number of hours based on system configuration. Below are a list of user names and id's in the test drive system that can be used to test how manual data entry of time works. The last two are leave eligible users that will have a leave calendar for planning and request future leave.

Principal Name

Principal ID











Leave Eligible 







Clock Entry User Names / ID's

Clock Entry users are required to clock in and out of assignments at the time they work. Below are a list of usernames and id's in the test drive that can be used to test how clock entry of time works.

Principal Name

Principal ID





















Users with BOTH A Clock Entry and Manual Entry Job

Employees may have both a Clock Entry and Manual Entry job at the same time requiring them to clock in / out on one job while simply recording time for the Manual Entry jobs. Below are a list of usernames and id's for users that have both job types.

Principal Name

Principal ID















Leave only users

The following usernames and id's are in jobs that are exempt and leave eligible. Use these users to demonstrate leave planning/requests/reporting.

Principal Name

Principal ID







Users with shift differential rules

The following usernames and id's are in jobs that have shift differential rules defined to the system (see Rules Below). Use these users to demonstrate how shift differential is calculated and placed automatically on an employees timesheet.  

Principal Name

Principal ID








The following usernames and id's have been setup as approvers of other employees within the test drive system. Use these employees to demonstrate how when an employee submits timesheet for approval, it appears in these employees Approvals tab for action.

Principal Name

Principal ID













Shift Differential Rule

Those employees identified above as having a shift differential rule have the following rule defined within the the setup pages:

If the employee:

  • Works between 3:00 PM and 8:00 AM on ANY day of the week
  • AND works a minimum of 6 hours
  • AND there is no gap in unworked time of more than 75 minutes


  • The employee is granted shift differential on their timesheet for all hours between 3:00 PM and 8:00 AM
Weekly Overtime Rule

Employees working over 40 hours in a week will automatically have overtime applied to their timesheet.

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