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Weekly Overtime Rule

The Weekly Ovetime Rule maintenance page is used to define the steps necessary to calculate weekly overtime. This page allows the user to establish which earn codes count towards the calculation of overtime hours, what overtime earn code to use and where the overtime hours should be applied. This maintenance document is different because there is only one Weekly Overtime rule in effect at a time.  There is no create new link, the link directs straight to the page to add steps to or edit the existing steps.



Effective Date

Effective date for which the Weekly Overtime Rule will be effective. This date needs to be on/prior to the date the rule to takes effect. When editing, it will determine the date the new values go into effect.

Max Hours Earn Group

The earn group defined (using the Earn Group maint doc) to represent the codes which count towards the calculation of overtime.

Convert from Earn Group

The earn group defined (using the Earn Group maint doc) to represent the earn codes to be converted to overtime. If there is only one step in overtime calulcation, this will be the same earn group as max hours. If there are multiple steps, this will be an earn group which is a subset of the max hours earn group.

Convert to Earn Code

The default earn code which other earnings will be converted to (ex: OVT).  Only earn codes that are designated as an Overtime Earn Code can be used (see Earn Code Maintenance Document).
This earn code is used for overtime hours unless the Work Area for the Assignment has a designated Default Overtime Earn Code (see Work Area Maintenance Document).

Apply to Earn GroupDefines the earn codes of the timeblocks that can have the Convert to Earn Code overtime hours applied.
Override Work Area's Default OvertimeIf this flag is checked, the Convert to Earn Code designated for the step cannot be changed.
If a Work Area has default overtime earn code defined, a designated Work Area role (employee, approver, payroll processor) will have the ability to change that overtime earn code.


This enables the definition of multiple steps in the hours conversion for overtime. Max Hours Earn Group and Max Hours should be the same for all weekly overtime steps.

Max Hours

Define the maximum hours in an FLSA period for overtime calculation (ex: 40)



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