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Jira Testing Links


Test assignment jiras

Report issues found from testing

Leave Management Requirements

Requirement details to use when writing test cases

Leave Test Environment Links


Login for administrative tab

Login for leave calendar user. Exempt and non-exempt leave eligible employees

Login for clock user. Non-Exempt employee’s work area is set up for a clock in/out time collection

Login for non-exempt manual entry user or clock user

SME Testing Procedure

  1. Find your assigned SME Test Case Jiras.  When you begin testing you can put the KPMEQA Jira In Progress status to indicate the test is being worked on.
  2. Locate the requirements on Confluence related to your testing assignment. 
    1. Identify what in the system is impacted by the requirement
    2. Know what expected results should be
    3. Identify the different data inputs needed to complete testing
  3. If Test Scripts have already been written they will appear as Sub-Tasks in your KPMEQA Task Jira, proceed with testing.
    If not, while testing document the steps during the testing including inputs and different ways to return test results.
  4. Work thru the scripts in the system’s Test environment
  5. Testing results…
    • Successful test... system performs requirement as intended.  If there is a JIRA for the test case, then resolve the KPMEQA Jira.
    • Questions on results of testing… If you are unsure if the system is operating as intended or have questions on the test results, contact Lora or Mindi.
    • Error page is returned during testing…
      1. Go to KPME JIRA site,
      2. Search the JIRAs to see if the issues has already been reported. 
      3. If no current JIRA open regarding this error, submit a new JIRA with details on what was done to get the error (here are detailed instructions)
        Follow the process for submitting a JIRA that is found here…
    • Failed test… system did not perform as intended and defined by the requirement. Report a KPME Jira (here are detailed instructions) with results and details on the test performed (data input, screenshots, any helpful information regarding the test) or feel free to contact Lora or Mindi with the details.

If you submit a KPME bug Jira, when it is resolved (you should receive an email), please verify the fix the next day (nightly builds with fixes are being done) and close the Jira if fix resolved the issues reports. Then re-test the KPMEQA Jira that was being tested when the bug was found.

Getting Started

To start you have been assigned 3 Task jiras and their Sub-Tasks

  1. Testing a maintenance document
  2. Create an exempt and a non-exempt test users following steps in document attached to the jira
  3. Testing business logic associated with the maintenance document tested using test users created

Find testing assignments here…
If you do not see any test cases assigned to you, contact Mindi or Lora.

All the Task jiras should have links that reference confluence requirements along with Sub-Tasks jiras that are the tests to be done.

  • Enter any additional sub-task test cases that may have been missed i.e. verify maintenance doc search and look up works properly
  • The first set of assigned test jiras have sub-tasks with details on how to do the test
  • After these first test jiras, details on how preform the test will be up to you to provide. This detail is helpful later when following up on bug fixes and with regression testing
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