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KPME Function Council Meeting

Sunday afternoon ~3pm, Oct 14 – Final Prep for Kuali Days Presentations
Room 402

Wednesday, Oct 11th All Day – Kuali Day’s KPME Functional Council Meeting
Room 402

Conference Call (877) 337-9285
conference code: 1846342209

Tentative schedule for agenda topics on Wednesday
8:30 – 9:30 am – Roadmap Discussion - Prioritize work for next year
9:30 – 11:30 am – Biodemographics Module (Mindi)
1:00 – 2:00 pm – Leave Management demo / discussion (Lora)
2:00 – 3:00 pm – IU eDossier demo (Randall)
3:00 pm – Project awards with KPME Board and Developers

For those calling for the afternoon demos, please use


Roadmap Discussion
  • Discussed the roadmap and clarified the relationships between the next modules
    • On Big Picture diagram, changed the arrow for Biodemographics module to point to the HR Data Module instead of the Gross Pay Calculator
  • More module diagrams on the module pages showing relationship are needed (Mindi will look at adding these)
  • Discussed options for tackling the development on the roadmap modules
  • Board will be discussing the roadmap in their meeting on Friday
Prioritize work for next year

KPME 1.2  - Timekeeping

  • Released and available for download -
  • Test Drive will be coming soon
  • Vivan Tech has cloud option for 1.2
  • IU and ISU will begin implementation and will contribute back bug fixes to 1.2.1 while KPME developers will be focused on developing next KPME modules

KPME 1.5 - Leave Management

  • Release before the end of the year
  • Need to see how much functionality is left to be developed
  • Need to make decision on if Request functionality will be included in 1.5 release or wait until 1.6
  • After 1.5 release, one developer will be used to complete bug fixes and any missing functionality


  • After 1.5 release, Jeremy will begin working on changes to Rice

Position Management

  • Developers after 1.5 release will begin development

HR Data Module

  • Spring 2013 gather requirements
  • Focus on requirements for Spring Workshop

IU's eDossier

  • This afternoon, Randall will present IU's eDossier system
  • IU developers working on this and will contribute back the code KPME after their implementation

With more modules being developed, Allen and developers are working thru how to make thin interfaces between modules so KPME implementations can be pick and choose modules to implement and interface with their existing systems

Biodemographics Module (Mindi)
  • [|]
  • Reviewed KIM attributes that will be used by Biodemographics
  • Identified enhancements and additional attributes needed in KIM (Jeremy will be working on and contributing back to Rice)
  • Requirements that don't make it into KIM will be done in KPME
  • Allen, Jeremy and Mindi have a meeting with Rice to discuss KIM
  • Mindi will follow up with members on the requirements and keep everyone informed on the discussions with the Rice team
Leave Management (Lora)
  • Demo of current system and discussed questions from FC members
IU eDossier (Randall)
  • Presented an overview of the requirements/functionality of IU's eDossier project
  • Currently in development stage with goal to begin implementation in Spring 2013
  • Once implemented, IU will contribute code to KPME project and be integrated into our roadmap
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