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KPME Timekeeping and Leave Management Setup Guide


The following are lists of the maintenance documents in the order which they must be processed in order to ensure all values necessary for each document are established.

Maintenance document tips
  • Clicking on a maintenance document launches an initial search screen. This screen allows the user to search for existing records. An option to edit will be presented for the search results. Clicking on edit will launch a maintenance document with the existing values on the left and an editable copy of those values on the right.
  • To add a new value, click the “create new” button in the top right.
  • All documents require a “Description”. This description field is associated with the workflow document.
  • Some sections of a document require a data to be added to the document. This happens in documents where there are multiple sections. Example: On the department document when an org admin role is added
  • Notes and/or attachment can be added to any maintenance document. Click “Show” on the Notes section, then type the note or add an attachment. Be sure to click “Add” button on the far right for the note to be saved to the document.
  • Expand and collapse tabs within the maintenance documents using the show/hide buttons
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