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Project History

Since the early beginnings of Kuali, there has often been talk of the need for a Human Resources & Payroll project. In November of 2008, this became more than discussion. With the direction of the Kuali Foundation and a newly formed steering committee, a pre-project working group was formed to investigate what a Kuali HR / Payroll project might include and roughly estimate what it might cost to deliver. This group included representation from the University of Chicago, Penn State, Indiana University, the University of Southern California, Integral Information Solutions, and multiple schools in the University of California system.

This pre-project working group was charged with identifying (1) the high level scope and recommended phases for the project (2) the general requirements for modules and (3) a high level estimate of the work to complete phase 1. In May of 2009, the pre-project working group presented its findings to the steering committee. Based on the findings, the steering committee recommended that the group continue with a more formal in-depth analysis that estimated not only development costs but costs to the business units to participate in the overall project. In July 2009, a more structured group was formed with an assigned project manager to do this in-depth analysis. The project had a set duration of 3 months and included the same partner institutions.

Deliverables for the the pre-project team were similar to the prior charge but also included a review of existing systems that could be used as the basis for new collaboratively built systems. The group was expected to deliver high level technical requirements and detailed timelines based on optimal partner and resource commitments. The pre-project team findings were delivered and reviewed by the steering committee in November 2009. You can find this report at Kuali HR Payroll Pre-Project Plan - November 2009.pdf

Given other institutional priorities, resource commitments and the general health of the economy at the time, there was insufficient support from the participating institutions to begin a project at that time. The steering group however, agreed to get back together in early 2010 to assess the situation at that point in time.

Meanwhile, the University of Southern California and Indiana University had agreed to work collaboratively to redevelop and enhance Indiana's Timekeeping system to work for both Indiana and USC. Additionally, the project would include a leave management module as it was required functionality for USC. Furthermore, USC and IU had discussed the redevelopment of Indiana's HRMS eDoc application which is used as a front end for standard HR business transactions.

In July 2010 an opening charter was drafted suggesting that the existing collaboration between IU and USC become the beginnings of an official Kuali HR / Payroll project that would build on the existing development efforts related to (1) Timekeeping (2) Leave Management and (3) HR Core Business transactions. Additionally, Iowa State joined as a third institutional partner as well as Vivantech as a commercial affiliate.

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