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Rules / Configuration - Leave Plan - The system shall have configurable Leave Plans that can be attached to employee groups and allow for rules configuration for the employee group.

  • High level grouping of employees for assigning accrual rules
  • Defined by Location and Salary Group
  • Job will indicate the employee’s appropriate Leave Plan  
    • Each institution will determine how this will be populated
  • Accrual categories are attached to Leave Plans
  • Employees with a leave plan will determine the display of the accruals tab

For example, Institutions may have multiple accrual rules based on different groups of employees. Biweekly non-exempt staff may accrue time off based on hours worked while monthly exempt staff may accrue hours based on years of service. Configurable leave plans will allow for the establishment of a plan that can be attached to users that will drive all other configurable rules

Leave Plan will be added to Time and Attendance's Principal Calendar. KPME-1156

Need to work out the details for handling transferring between leave plans.



KPME-1467 KPME-1470


Rules / Configuration - Accrual Category - The system shall support the creation of accrual categories within leave plans to establish groups of benefit time that can be reported and/or accrued against

  • Define accrual rates based on the years or months of service
  • Define maximum annual usage/carryover and transfer options (exchange one code for another)
  • Define maximum balance
  • Action taken when maximum balance is met, i.e. lose, payout, etc…
  • Attributes for pay out
    • Eligibility flag
    • Maximum amount

For example, accrual categories may be defined as follows: Paid Time Off (PTO), Holiday or Sick. These accrual categories effectively become buckets that employees can accrue time against and / or accumulate time off against



KPME-1471 KPME-1472


Rules / Configuration - Leave Code - The system shall support the creation of leave codes by which employees will record their time off against. These leave codes may or may not be attached to an accrual category for tracking time against available balances or simple reporting

  • Define recording method: times, hours, days, amount
  • Define association with accrual category
    • Eligible for accruals flag
    • Subtract/Edit against balances
    • Count towards limits
  • Ability to group codes for displays and rule application
  • Define availability of codes (ex: supervisor or location only code)

You may define many leave codes that count against a single accrual category of PTO. For example, you may have leave codes of PTO - Regular PTO Taken, PFL- FMLA PTO, PMF - Family Military PTO. Users record time off at the Leave Code category which are attached to the accrual category of PTO. Time off by leave code can then be validated against available balances in the accrual category.

Need to be able to specify leave in day increments including fractional day amounts.

Availability or warning with using codes such as LWOP, FMLA, etc…





Rules / Configuration -System Scheduled Time Off - The system will support designation of specific dates with time off that is associated with a Leave Code.

  • Calendar with system scheduled time off dates (Holidays) will be preloaded to the employee’s leave calendar
  • Calendars can be defined by location
  • Descriptions and hours are configurable.
  • Allow hours to be earned and automatically banked, if no “usage date” is specified (floating/personal holidays)
  • Allow for banking of unused hours with an expiration date
  • Allow for conversion of unused hours to a different accrual category (ex: comp time)
  • Support concept of denoting premium holidays (some holidays earn more benefits if you work them)

Integration with Time and Attendance the Holiday Calendar will disappear and be replaced with scheduled time off.





Rules / Configuration - Employee Scheduled Time Off - The system will allow for schedule time off to be associated directly with an employee rather than be applied by system.

For example, someone transfers from hourly job to a PTO position and has banked leave time that needs to be associated with them)




Rules / Configuration - Calendar - The system can define Calendar Groups use for Pay, Leave, or Both.

The Pay Calendar in Time and Attendance will changed to "Calendar" and add an indicator of Pay, Leave, or Both to the Calendar Group definition.





Rules / Configuration - Accruals - The system’s accrual service handles the accumulation and calculation of the accrual rates.

  • Accrual service is triggered by changes to the following fields…
    • Employment status (active, term, on leave)
    • Standard hours
    • Service/seniority date
  • Accruals are prorated by FTE and partial pay periods (ex: hired in mid month)- can turn on/off (need to determine the effect on the new maximum balance, i.e. use it or lose it situation if at max at time of reduced appointment)
  • Accrual service is triggered by entry of a earn code which is flagged as not eligible for accruals
  • When an accrual category’s maximum balance limit is reached, then service will stop accruing or subtract from accruals or payout of the accrual over the maximum balance (i.e. transfer to another leave or earn code).
  • The accrual service can be ran on demand or in a batch process
  • Accruals are earned and displayed on a configurable interval (daily, monthly)
  • Accruals can be applied to the calendar for the entire year
  • Accrual service will apply holidays as configured with via the System Scheduled Time Off
  • Ability specified rounding factor for accruals.

Accruals prorated on/off… for example, if hired or terminated mid month, their accrual could be prorated or full monthly accrual is given. Accrual rules may or may not be affected for those using LWOP.
Notes from SJDC Discussion:

  • The exempt staff (managers & faculty) at SJDC earns and uses their PTO in days, not hours. These balances are stored in days, not converted with an 8 hour factor because the value of a day is not standard (could be 6, 8, or 9hrs) and not tracked.
  • Time off recording is done in full or half day increments only.
  • Partial accruals are not automated; a mid-month hire will not receive any prorated accrual.
  • Reclassifications/Transfers between exempt and nonexempt do utilize a onetime 8 hour factor conversion via manual processing.
  • Transfers between exempt groups are 1 for 1 days.
  • Discussion around possibly establishing the “unit” of measure on the leave plan level to accommodate any measure.





Rules / Configuration - Department Leave Codes - Ability to restrict the availability of leave codes by Department, Location and Role (Employee, Approver, Admin)

Similar to Department Earn Code table





Rules / Configuration - Routing Hierarchy - The system will allow the routing to be configured by the Departmental/Organizational structure or by the Work Area defined in Kuali Time. The defined routing hierarchy will be used for processing leave requests and reporting.

  • Approval routing can be defined by position to position or employee to employee
  • Supports multiple employees in a position
  • Supports entire organization hierarchy
  • Ability to define the hierarchal relationships in the application

Work Area Maintenance Document





Rules / Configuration - Roles - The system will use roles to define within the Routing Hierarchy (described above) to determine the approval process (workflow).

  • Employee (initiator of the leave request/reporting)
  • Approver (role is defined in hierarchy) with ability to add a delegate
  • Administrator (departmental level to calendars/reports)
  • Org Admin (access for dept to leave and time management)
  • View Only, Global View Only
  • System Administrator
  • Ability to add roles to a specific employee (exception to hierarchy, dept roles)






Rules / Configuration - Employee Override - The system will allow for the ability to override the Accrual Category limits for an individual employee.

  • Overrides for limits on usage, carryover, transfer or payout for an employee

Business Logic Development Jira - KPME-1273





Rules / Configuration - Balance Transfer - The system will support the ability for an employ to transfer specified Leave Code hours between Accrual Categories.

  • Transfer hours between accrual categories at certain factors (i.e. 1-1 or 12-4) on a configurable frequency
  • Request for transfer hours can be routed for approval
  • Ability for employee to “donate” hours from his/her bank to another employee’s
  • Year End Transfer options that allows employee confirmation or the automatic transfer of hour
  • Termination/Pay Out capabilities

All transfers (max balances reached / year end etc.) all accomplished through the same page but triggered differently. Leave Donation Maintenance Document - Donations will be a separate UI - need to transfer between employees. Will keep simple to allow users to assign to and from amounts.





Rules / Configuration - Payroll Integration

Workshop discussion: Should Payroll Integration be included in the scope? If no payroll integration, the requirements for notifications to administrators need to be defined.





Rules / Configuration - Reporting - The system will provide generic searches against the data (i.e. specific codes, dates) with a standard set of columns returned.

Data will be ported daily into the institution's data warehouse for robust reporting.

  • Report against balances to determine PTO liability.





Rules / Configuration - Notifications - The system will be configured to automatically generate notifications to users (Approvers, Admins, etc…) of regular system events.

  • End of reporting period reminder - Development Jira KPME-1275
  • Leave calendar modified notifications to employee - Development Jira KPME-1276
  • Leave calendar approved, disapproved notifications to employee
  • Year End Transfer available notice to employee
  • Delinquent notifications - Development Jira KPME-1277
  • Accrual of the maximum amount

Notifications for approvals / disapprovals will be generated automatically by the workflow engine





Rules / Configuration - Leave Adjustments – Ability to modify a user’s leave code accrual balance.

  • Restricted to Administrators or Org Admins
  • A user will not have ability to modify their own leave balances
  • Effective date and Description/Reason for modification will be required






Business Logic / Termination Payout

Payout Process
Payout for terminated employees i.e. next paycheck or 3-5 days after termination date





Leave Planning

  • Employee can add time to a leave request to their calendar, but not route it allowing for planning.
  • Planned days are saved to leave calendar for usage reporting.
  • Summary totals will be displayed to employees for planning and to supervisors for approval.
  • Configurable displaying of leave codes using groupings of codes (i.e. earn groups). (Development Jira KPME-1245 )
  • List of jobs to plan / request time off against will be only active jobs with leave plans associated with them.
  • Business logic for employee level restrictions on available leave codes and types of entry (full days, by hour, etc.).
  • Absent time cannot be used until other accrual balances are zero or below a specified accrual balance. For example, FMLA eligible employees may retain 80 hours of accrued PTO each calendar year.
  • Validates against accrual balance ensuring accrual category balances are not exceeded at the time of leave taken.
  • Planned dates can be entered in mass, but will be recorded in individual blocks per day.
  • Approver/Admin can add a planned days to employee’s leave calendar with system notification to employee.

Leave Calendar Display / Request Display

KPME-1248 / 




Leave Requests

  • Submitted requests are saved to leave calendar for usage reporting.
  • Multiple days can be submitted in one request.
  • Pending requests can be cancelled by the employee with system notification to the approver.
  • Cancel approved requests with system notification to the approver.
  • Initiate date of the workflow document for leave submission is prominent to approvers (priority of requests).
  • Approver/Admin can modify requests with system notification to employee.
  • When leave request approved, email with “Add to Outlook Calendar” is sent.
  • Summary totals will be displayed to employees for planning and to supervisors for approval.
  • Leave request can be approved in mass, but will be recorded in individual blocks per day.
  • Submitted leave request/usage can be disapproved and the employee must resubmit for approval.

 Request Display





Leave Recording

  • Absent time cannot be used until other accrual balances are zero or below a specified accrual balance. - Development Jira KPME-1279
  • Validates against accrual balance ensuring accrual category balances are not exceeded at the time of leave taken. - Development Jira KPME-1280
  • Leave usage can be submitted in mass, but will be recorded in individual blocks per day.
  • Employees can not cancel their leave record once submitted for approval or approved. - Development Jira KPME-1281 
  • Only valid leave codes for the employee's leave plan can be selected by the employee
  • when one week grows pls do not make the other week grow as big. the row shld only grow if needed for tiemblocks in that week, not in proportion to the other week.

Leave Calendar Display


see Leave Planning



Leave Request Approval Display

Request Approval Display





Approver / Admin Leave Calendar

  • Approver/Admin can modify leave records with system notification to employee.
  • Admin Approvals Page - approve recorded leave



see Leave Calendar




Workflow Integration

  • One Stop routing in delivered functionality. Development Jira - KPME-1283
  • Allow for auto-approval/batch job of all submissions/approvals at a given route level - Development Jira KPME-1284
  • Requests or usage records submitted by Job (leave mgt) and assignment (time) - drives routing for approval, available codes, etc. Assignment is necessary to integrate with timesheet. Goal is the request/usage submission is to be routed to the same approver(s) which will eventually be approving the submission. Development Jira - KPME-1283
  • Workflow delegations (assign proxy for approval).


KPME-1186/KPME-1283, 1285




Leave Ledger View

  • Create a "Ledger View" of the Leave Calendar data. This is essentially a table version of the same date presented on the leave recording and planning pages showing the data in order by day with running accumulators for identified accrual categories
  • The Ledger View should provide the capability to display and hide historical data that has been changed / removed

Leave Ledger Display





End User Display

  • Display Leave Calendar if an employe has a defined leave plan defined on the hr_principal _attributes_t table; Display Requests tab if an employee has a defined leave plan defined on the hr_principal _attributes_t table;Display the Ledger Tab if an employee has a defined leave plan defined on the hr_principal _attributes_t table
  • Reporting area
  • Summary grid






Timekeeping Integration
TK Integration - Leave Calendar / Timesheet - Shows Time Off on both

  • Timekeeping integration includes employees can record leave when submitting their timesheet
  • Approved leave requests will auto populate on the employee's timesheet.






Batch Jobs

  • Initiate Calendar Documents
  • Recalculate accruals
  • Auto approval






Department Leave Codes/Code Groups





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