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KPME Function Council Meeting

4PM EST, Thursday, Oct 4th
Conference Call (877) 337-9285
conference code: 1846342209
ISU - Carla, Mindi
SDJ - Chris, Chris
IU - Randall, Lora, Allen
UGA - Sharon


KD presentations

  • Meet on Sunday around 3pm to work thru presentations

KPME work for next 6 to 12 months (see below)

  • Randall: Jeremy on independent track to work on Rice development needed for Biodemographics while others work on Position Management
  • Carla: Position Management is important as it is something commercial software
  • Lora: Additional partners being part developing the requirements will be helpful
  • Sharon: HR Data Module requirements may impact development work on Position Management

1.2 release – Allen

  • Finalizing 1.2 to get release out before Kuali Days

KD’s FC agenda items, All day Wednesday, October 17th, Room 402

  • Roadmap - Priority of work for next year
  • Leave Management Demo (Lora)
  • Biodemographics (Mindi)
  • IU’s eDossier (Randall) - could be done remotely at a later date if agenda gets too full
  • Project Awards @ 3pm
    Randall - Developers will be available as needed during our FC meeting time

Other items

  • Carla had good attendance and feedback from her CACUBO presentation
  • Randall - Going to send out email to FC for feedback on KPME accomplishment/status
  • We will meet next Thursday to finalize things for Kuali Days

Below is an outline/priority of work for KPME for the next 6 to 12 months
After Leave Mgmt, KPME should start development on Biodemographics.  After discussing with Jeremy, KPME will have to write the code for adding of effective dates to KIM and contribute it back to Rice along with other things that KPME needs in KIM.  We have a good part of this scoped out and FC could use Kuali Days to work through more of the details. 
Position Management
Since the data model for PM was scoped out last winter, participation in developing the remaining functional requirements has been low.  Some schools may not utilize the PM module and we have ran into roadblocks when discussing changes made at the time of hire or promotion propagating to the Position data.  This piece is still needed in KPME but the initial release should be simplified to support and maintenance of the data model that we have already scoped out.  When developing the HR Data module, we will have to come back to look at additional functionality for this module and hopefully new partners that will help in defining those requirements.
HR Data
This module’s development will impact all the previously developed modules.  It ties them together so we will need collective input on how this module will work.  This module needs to include input from current and potential KPME partners with the goal of outlining the requirements the first 6 months of 2013 so specifications can be ready for development after Biodemo and Position Management are released. 

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