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KPME Function Council Meeting

4PM EST, Thursday, Oct 25th
Conference Call (877) 337-9285
conference code: 1846342209

ISU - Mindi, Carla, Kathy
IU - Allen, Randall, Lora
UGA - Sharon
SJD - Chris (last part of the call)


Review notes posted from our Kuali Day meeting

Biodemographics - Update on meeting with Rice Team (Mindi & Allen)

  • Allen, Jeremy, and Mindi met with Rice team on Wednesday afternoon last week
  • Discussed process and options for getting KPME's biodemographic requirements needed in KIM
  • Requirements for KIM include additional biodemo data attributes and effective dating
  • Rice's Business Analyst and Mindi will be documenting the requirements/specifications
  • Jeremy will be making code changes for KIM after 1.5 release with goal of having them in the Rice 2.3 release
  • Requirements/specs will be shared and reviewed with KAI workgroup
    • Mindi and Allen will be KPME representatives for the KAI workgroup

Update from Board’s Kuali Day meeting - Carla & Randall

  • Foundation KPME report was reviewed
  • Promoting KPME through nationally known HR person - waned against their ability to relate to functional HR
  • Interest of HR/Payroll system needs of smaller institutions in higher ed
  • Review KPME Road map/Big Pictures amd upcoming priorities including importance of getting 1.5 released before the end of the year
  • Board agreed that IU's eDossier project should be part of KPME's roadmap
    • Going to add to eDossier to KPME roadmap image with a notation indicating this is IU's project that will be contributed back to KPME


  • KPME 1.2 press release... Randall is incorporating the feedback he has received on his draft release and hope to have it ready early next week
  • Test drive and documentation for 1.2 is being updated and should be ready for next week
  • Randall is getting an early start on the KPME 1.5 press release that will be needed at the end of the year
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