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KPME Function Council Meeting

4PM EST, Thursday, November 29
Conference Call (877) 337-9285
conference code: 1846342209

ISU: Mindi, Kathy, Carla, Kristina, Jeremy
IU: Lora, Mary, Randall, Maria
SJD: Chris & Chris
UGA: Sharon


  • Introduce Maria (Randall)
    • Maria will be participating in FC meetings
    • Still defining her role but will help with continuity while Allen is absent from the project
    • Has HR/Payroll functional expertise - involved with the KPME pre-project plan
  • Press Release (Randall)
    • IU's IT communication people will be helping with drafting the 1.5 press release
    • Would like to have Functional Council Members participate by providing input on the content
  • Date for 1.5 release – after semester startup in 2013 (Randall)
    • May want to Rice 2.1.3 if it is out, in a timely fashion
    • Mid January for putting out the release when most schools are back in session
  • Retrofitting Quartz scheduler for batch (Randall & Kristina)
    • KPME will be consistent with other Kuali projects' batch tools
    • Able to accommodate 1.5 requirements to have some more configurable batch processes (i.e. Accrual Service batch option)
  • KOHR (Randall)
    • IU's HRMS eDocs - Transactional documents used with People Soft
    • Matt Sargent from Kuali Foundation created a presentation for the board
      • Matt is Rice Business Analyst and previously managed eDocs at IU for Academic HR department
    • Market to People Soft schools that have an interest in KPME
    • Interest in having Matt give the presentations to Functional Council
  • Board (Carla)
    • Need to look at options for a Face to Face early next year
  • Project Status Report (Randall)
    • Board's interested in improving the communication between FC and Developers
      • FC meetings will include Lead Developers
    • Looking to improve the status reports regarding Jiras - Maria will be working on this
  • Leave Management Testing (Lora and Mindi)
    • Information will be sent out to those who will be testing that will include
      • Procedure on how to go about the testing
      • Testing Assignments
      • Document that walks thru the steps for creating test users
    • Initial Test assignments will be a maintenance document followed by testing the business logic associated with the maintenance document
    • Seperate Jira project for test cases called KPME QA
    • Report bugs found with failed tests in KPME Jira que for developers to work on
  • ISU KPME implementation (Mindi)
    • Steering Committee for ISU's implementation is wanting to add schedules to KPME 1.2
    • ISU's implementation team will be gathering requirements for schedules
    • If ISU's own resources are available, they would develop and contribute back to KPME if others have interest in schedules
    • Anyone else interested in having schedule piece in KPME's Timekeeping?
      • IU has had request to add schedules. They would be interested in reviewing the requirements and providing feedback.

Next Meeting Dec 13th

Action Items

  • Randall add Maria, Kristina, Jeremy to Functional Council email list
  • Contact Matt to give KOHR presentation at next FC Meeting - Done - Matt has our Dec 13th FC Meeting on his calendar
  • From Nov 15 mtg: Randall will meet with Carla, Kristina and Mindi to work on proposals to present to FC for the quick releases
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