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KPME Function Council Meeting

4PM EST, Thursday, June 28
Conference Call (877) 337-9285
Conference code: 1846342209

IU - Lora, Randall, Laura
ISU - Carla, Stephanie, Carla, Dave
UGA - Sharon


  • Update from ARC
    • JIRA voting will be in 4 weeks from yesterday Randall is championing 2 jiras
      • Effective Dating KIM - Allen is helping Randall with gathering examples and support for the jira
      • Sharing data with Kuali Student via KIM - Dave has the notes from the workshop and will forward to Randall
  • Update on Testing Environment
    • Lora will send out links to both 1.2 Timekeeping environment and 1.5 Leave Management environment
    • Kristina will have be handling the deployments
    • Test Cases are being written and testing them should begin soon
  • July logistics
    • IU's focusing their technical resources for month of July on their Rice upgrade
    • Jeremy will be handling technical lead responsibilities
    • Developers are being asked to sent requests for Allen to go thru Randall
    • Develops should also put technical requests into jiras and send technical questions to the developers email list
    • Lora and Mindi will be added to the developers email list
  • Position Management Update
    • Mindi will be following up on the Position Management assignment from the workshop
    • Next steps will be to post functional requirements on confluence
  • Kuali Days presentation proposals
    • All of KPME's presentations have been approved; waiting on room and time assignments
    • Expects the agenda to be available mid July
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