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KPME Function Council Meeting

4PM EST, Thursday, Jan 12
Conference Call (877) 337-9285 conference code: 1846342209


ISU - Carla, Stephanie, Mindi
IU - Aaron, Laura, Mary, Derick
UGA - Sharon
CSU - Chris
SDJ - Chris & Chris

  • Update from January 4th KPME Board meeting – Carla and Aaron
    CSU has joined contributing resources and fulfilling KPME's commitment to Rice
    Board is sending letter to Foundation asking for help with promoting/marketing KPME
    TK Demo to Stevens Institute this week and they would like to implement TK and LM by Fall if possible.
    UT Austin demo on Feb 8th with several AVPs there
    1.1 Timekeeping released with several bug fixes
    City of Bloomington has 1.1 running, looking at pilot soon
    Vivan Tech resource resigned and new resource is coming on board
    Carla will follow up Kansas State regarding the TK demo they had in November
  • Final vote on the best location for face-2-face (March 5th & 6th) regarding prep for April Kuali Workshop Week of April 23rd
    Hosts will be IU @ Indy all day on Monday & Tuesday
    Sharon may bring 2 people
    Aaron and Allen can go
    Mary & Laura can send 1 from each of their areas
    CSU- Tony and Chris may not able to travel
  • Update on Leave Management (Mindi)
    Next SME meeting to review requirements
    Aaron, Lora and Allen have completed LM project plan and divided work up into 4 phases
    Development is underway on Phase 1 JIRAs that includes maintenance documents
  • Begin discussion of Position Management (Carla and Sharon)
    • See attached Word document
    • Not looking for answers, just discussion on points and what may need to be added
    • Hope to make Position Management as focal point of March Face2Face and April workshop

Sharon - wanted to define what Position Management is including the different aspects of the data, HR and Fiscal. Does Definition mesh with other institutions?
Mindi will post the definition and questions on confluence
Review and provided feedback on confluence prior and prepare to discuss at next meeting.
Also need to get Fiscal input on the questions

  • Good of the order
    Next meeting January 26th
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