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KPME Function Council Meeting

4PM EST, Thursday, August 9
Conference Call (877) 337-9285 conference code: 1846342209

ISU - Carla, Mindi, Stephanie
IU - Lora, Allen, Randall
UGA - Sharon
CSU- Chris


Update from Randall

  • Working on formalizing and providing status reports to Board and FC
  • Developers finalize their availability to work on KPME over the next couple of weeks

Confirmation of who will be at Kuali Days in October

  • ISU - Mindi - Sun to Thur, Carla - Sun to Fri, Stephanie, Dave
  • IU - Lora - Sun to Wed PM, Randall - Sun to Fri, Allen - Sat thru Fri
  • UGA - Sharon Sun to Tues PM
  • SJD - Chris & Chris are working on getting confirmation to attend
  • CSU - Chris is unsure yet and will try to get confirmation this week or the next

Provide Maury with nominations for the KPME Kuali Days Award - this will be awarded on Wednesday in a joint Board, FC, and Developers meeting

Summaries and preliminary information from presenters (you know who you are)

  • Carla will be keeping in touch with people to see how they are progressing
  • Sunday evening FC has a room to meet to help work through presentations. All presenter should attend.

Updates on Kuali Rice updates and Time and Attendance implementations

  • Leave Management has been upgraded to latest version of Rice 2.1.1 and working through bugs
  • With Rice 2, IU has identified regression bugs and given feedback to Rice team. In response the Rice is going to spend more time and resources for QA.

Meeting schedule for Wednesday in Austin – Agenda items

  • Leave Management
  • Position Management, Biodemographics, HR data module
  • Randall - share IU's dossier management project
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