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KPME Function Council Meeting

4PM EST, Thursday, August 23
Conference Call (877) 337-9285 conference code: 1846342209

ISU - Carla, Mindi
IU - Randall, Mary, Laura
UGA - Sharon
SJD- Chris


Information regarding changes of roles in KPME team

  • Dave Aves will be focusing on ISU projects
  • Mindi will be working on the Biodemographics Module as Lead SME that was assigned to Dave

Discussion and update on Kuali Days presentations

  • Carla will follow up individually

Update and discussion regarding

  • Position Management/Biodemographics
    • Preparing for a discussion at Kuali Days on these modules
    • Knowledge transfer in progress with what Dave had done so far with Biodemographics
    • Also working with Jeremy on the integration with KIM and Biodemographics module
    • Will be posting details on confluence in the next couple of weeks look for emails asking for feedback

Summary points re: KPME Board

  • Kuali Foundation pursuing a KPME exceleration project with KPME is important to Kuali's administrative system suite
    • Looking as several things including providing additional resources for marketing KPME
    • KPME is gaining interest from potential schools
  • Leave Management has been upgraded with Rice 2 and should have people doing test cases in the next week or so
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