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Earn Code

The Earn Code maintenance page is used to define codes to categorize employee’s hours/earnings. For each earn code, you can define how the employees records - in/out time, hours or flat dollar amount. You may optionally indicate which, if any, accrual category hours should be validated against to ensure there are sufficient balances. The use of earn codes on the timesheet allows the employee to classify their earnings, and later that detail can be used for reporting. Most earn code attributes are defined in the payroll system, but there are a few codes which need to be modified on the timesheet prior to the data being extracted to payroll. An inflation factor and inflate minimum hours value are definable on the earn code document. These actions occur on the recorded hours in the timesheet, therefore would NOT need to be done in the payroll system.



Effective Date

The Effective date for which the earn code will be effective. This date needs to be on/prior to the date the rule to takes effect. When editing, it will determine the date the new values go into effect.

Earn Code

Alpha/Numeric code used to identify the earnings code.


Long description of earnings classification.

Overtime Earn Code

Checked box indicates this may be used for overtime earn code.

Record Time

Checked box indicates the earn code requires in/out times.

Record Hours

Checked box indicates the earn code will require an hours amount.

Record Amount

Entry box will require a dollar amount.


Status of the category, checked indicates Active, unchecked indicates Inactive. If the rule is being eliminated, insert a new effective dated row and uncheck the active box.

Accrual Category

If a category is entered the usage is validated against the employee’s balances.

Inflate Min Hours

Hours incurred will be inflated to this minimum hours value. Ex: Call Back Time rules specify the employee earns a minimum number of hours, regardless of the time worked. Set an inflate minimum hours on the earn code and the employee will see the number of hours correctly on the timesheet, instead of assuming it will be inflated later.

Inflate Factor

The hours incurred will be multiplied by this factor. Ex: Compensatory Time Earned (in lieu of overtime) is earned at a factor of 1.5. When the employee earns comp time, this setting will inflate the hours by a factor of 1.5 and all hours shown on the timesheet will be the inflated value. The employee will know the exact number of hours earned.



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