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Working Sets (this step is optional)

To keep our source-related project dependencies segregated from our high level module-related projects, we'll use working sets to tidy up our workspace. In particular, we will employ three working sets; one for the top level project imported during the setup sections above, one for our parent modules and one to hold all of the child-modules.

First, we'll switch the top level elements of our package view from "Project" to "Working Set":

  • In the package explorer, click the downward facing triangle, and select "Working Sets" from the Top Level Elements sub-menu.

  • Package explorer should now show a single java working set, likely named "Other Projects", which should contain all of the projects in your workspace.

Next we will add three new working sets to house KPME:

  • In the package explorer, click the downward facing triangle and select "Configure Working Sets"

  • Within the "Configure Working Sets" dialog, click "New"

  • First we'll create a working set to house the top level project imported in the beginning of this setup guide. Give the working set a name, add the top level project to the working set, and click finish.

  • Iterate through the steps above to add the module projects, highlighted below, to a working set named "Parent"

  • Iterate through the steps above one more time to add all of the "-api" and "-impl" projects to a working set named "Maven Dependencies".

  • After clicking finish on the final java working set above, in the "Configure Working Sets" dialog box, ensure that all working sets just created are selected before pressing okay.

  • After clicking "OK", the project explorer should contain all working sets created from the steps above. If you expand those working sets, you should see something similar to this:

    where each "-[hyphen]api" and "-[hyphen]impl" project resides in the same working set, and the mid-level modules being contained in "Parent".

With the exception of kpme-web, Any project with a source folder is now neatly organized under the "Maven Dependencies" working set.

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