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My Plan YR1 - Features

MyPlan YR 1 & 2 User Stories

MyPlan YR 2:  Sample Plans (high-level features)

MyPlan Year 2 Milestones

MyPlan Year 1 Milestones

Year 3 Features - (updated 4/2/2013)

  • Ability for students to maintain two plans: primary and alternate
  • Enhanced registration planning
    • Search by section details
    • Visual schedule
    • Schedule builder (IU taking point on development)
    • Integration to reg cart (IU may take point on development)
  • Intelligence and personalization
    • Execute requisite rules
    • Student profile (could be combination of academic record data and student provided attributes)
    • Simple personalization
      • Default campus
      • Default degree for degree audit 
    • Satisfactory progress alerts (e.g., declare major)
    • Other alerts and notifications (TBD)

Year 2 Features - (status updated 4/2/2013)

  • HTML Audit (complete)
  • Quick add courses to plan (complete)
  • Audit planned courses against degree requirements (in progress)
  • Execute requisite rules / provide warnings to students (deferred to YR 3)
  • Incorporate section level details to course details page (complete)
  • Single quarter planning (in progress)
  • Search by section level details (deferred to YR 3)
  • Mobile applications (deferred - unknown)
  • Adviser-created sample plans / plan templates (analysis in progress -- initial findings from adviser interviews are located here)
  • Placeholder entries (e.g. study abroad, CHEM 3xx) (may be done as part of adviser templates)