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We are always looking for help to create or improve the documentation that supports Kuali Student (KS). If you have experience with KS and like to write, we welcome your contributions.

The first thing to do is check the KSLAB Idea Board to see the Documentation Ideas that have been submitted by others in the Community. These represent a wish list of items. If you have experience with the underlying functionality or knowledge in the specific area related to a given Documentation Idea, you can assign the ticket to yourself and create the supporting document. If you have your own idea for a supporting KS document, you should create the KS Documentation Idea so others know that it exists, then assign it to yourself.

Once you know what you want to contribute, you can do one of two things:

  • Create the document using Word and the following template. When the document is done, attach it to the KS Idea JIRA, then Resolve the issue as Complete.
  • Create the document in this Wiki space. When the document is done, add a link to it in the KS Idea JIRA, then Resolve the issue as Complete.

If you create the document in this space, we will migrate it back into the larger set of KS Documentation pages when it is ready. As you work on your content, refer to the following resources:

To create pages in this space, click the following button.

Create KS Contribution

If you need to create subpages for your document, go to the parent page, click the Create button in the Confluence menu bar, and select the KS Documentation Contribution template, as illustrated below:




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