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At A Glance

On Track!
The Kickoff Workshop was a success and excitement and energy levels are high.  Phase 1 has begun with requirements definition.  The Functional Council and Product Manager are working through the requirements while the Technical Team is beginning to create a database model for the 2014-15 ISIR layout.  The four sponsoring institutions are the University of Indiana, Iowa State University, the University of Maryland and the University of Washington.  The First Implementing Institution will be the University of Washington.

Recent Accomplishments

The Kickoff Workshop took place June 24 – 26 in Denver, CO at the Crown Plaza, Denver Downtown.  The KSFA Steering Committee, KSFA Functional Council, KSFA Product Manager and representatives from Sigma were all present.  When the Workshop concluded, each team was aware of their upcoming tasks and due dates.

Key Issues and Risks

Medium - The KSFA Technical Team is working on a gap analysis report that will identify gaps between the desired functionality for the entire project and both KRAD and KRMS.  This report will be delivered to the KSFA Steering Committee for recommendations on how to proceed.

Upcoming Tasks

The Product Manager is reviewing requirements gathered from the Blue Sky discussions, previous proposals that Sigma responded to at other institutions and discussion notes from all three days of the Kickoff Workshop.  Those will be reviewed by the Functional Council.  KS community comment and review period will be from July 18 – July 30.  The Product Manager is also reviewing and revising the Phase 1 milestones and artifacts.  Those will be finalized by August 1, 2014.  The KSFA Technical Team has begun work on defining fields using the 2014-15 Federal ISIR layout.

Contact Information

For more information on the KSFA project, please contact the KSFA Product Manager:
Rick Hafenbredl

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