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To be consistent with other Kual Student modules, the following materials will need to be created to support KSA developers and made public with the Founders Release to support implementers. As noted in the Current Supporting/Contributing Info column of the following table, some information has been started around each of these guides. 

Document/GuidePurposeWho's ResponsibleCurrent Supporting/Contributing Info
Release NotesProvide an overview of the new features, enhancements, and defect fixes in a given release. Also provides links to download the software that comprises the release.Implementing Institution 
Functional Overview(s)Provides a high level description of the features and functions in a given release.Implementing Institution

Transaction Type GL

Third Party

Payment Application

Refund Management

Functional Docs (How To Guides)Provide in-depth details about features and functions and how to set them up and use them.Sigma 
Installation Guide(s)Provide instructions for installing the module and performing any necessary post installation setup or configurations that are required to get it running. Depending on the release, there can be two types: a Quick Start Guide that provides instructions for installing a bundled version of the software (Rice and KS module deployed in a single WAR) and/or an Implementation/Deployment Guide that provides instructions for installing the module to integrate with an existing Rice implementation.Implementing Institution + Sigma 
Configuration GuideProvides information for institutions to customize the system to meet their unique needs, such as changing colors/logos/fonts, renaming field labels, resetting whether fields or options are required, enabling security options, and the like.Implementing Institution + SigmaKSA Configuration Options and Localized Settings
Technical GuidesProvide in-depth details about how to code and develop UI features and functions, or details about underlying system technologies. Provides developers at implementing institutions details about the code so they can extend (and potentially contribute back) functionality.Implementing Institution + Sigma

Consolidated Schemata

KSA Classes (Receivables Management)

KSA Fee Management

KSA Fee Management Scenarios

Moving Rates to the Manifest

KSA Processes


Entity Relationship Diagrams (ERDs)Provide an illustration of the database tables and columns and their relationships.SigmaKSA Data Model



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