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The following guide provides informatio about the KSA tables. The following conventions are used.

  • All tables are preceded with KSSA (Kuali Student – Student Accounts) to prevent table name clashes. This follows the rules established by the Rice team.
  • Appropriate contractions are used as suggested on the Rice and KS wiki, including but not limited to ID- Identifier, ACNT – Account. Foreign keys, where they apply to our tables, are tagged with _FK.
  • These data models have been designed to support the persistence layer of the KSA. Only the persistence layer will access this data structure directly.

There are a number of reused data structures that are not repeated in the document. It is assumed that they are understood.
CREATOR_ID and EDITOR_ID are the identifiers for the entity who creates, and if appropriate, subsequently edits a record. CREATION_DATE is the date when an entry first comes in to being. LAST_UPDATE is the date stamp for the last alteration to the structure.
ACCESS_LEVEL_ID_FK refers to a general access level that is defined by the institution. As a foreign key, it references the table ACCESS_LEVEL, which gives the human-readable form of the access level, as well as CODE, which is referenced by the permissions in KIM, which will be used to give or deny access to the data within the system.
As all tables begin KSSA_, the prefix is not reused in the descriptions.

The guide included details about the following types of tables.

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