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Welcome to Kuali Sharing!

What can be shared?

Anything which will extend or enhance a Kuali project can be shared, even an idea that you would like to collaborate on.

  • Enhancement
  • Workflow
  • Module
  • Application: A separate downloadable application.
  • Automated Test Script: Example would be a Selenium script to test login.
  • Implementation Workaround:
  • Documentation - Requirements
  • Documentation - Technical
  • Documentation - Test Plan
  • Documentation - User
  • Supporting Article
  • Not Listed (Use this if you are unsure or wish to share something that does not fit into existing categories)

How do I share?


DO NOT report a Sharing Jira ticket for a security issue; email

Are you a Kuali partner that would like to contribute to a delivered Kuali product? See the appropriate Partner Contribution Process:


  1. Create a Kuali Account
  2. Create a Jira ticket in the Kuali Sharing queue

How do I see what others are sharing?


Anyone with a Kuali Account can Vote or Comment on a Sharing Jira ticket. So please Login to Jira and Vote or leave a Comment.

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