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Note: information currently on AYV is highlighted yellow

 Type of plan item Information to be displayed
#Content typeCourse/PHPlan StateLinked from SDM? SDM infoOn/Off flag?Crit?Crit date?ENG101Plan termP.H. titleNote iconAlerts?CreditsNotes
1SDM linked planned courseCoursePlanned(tick)  (tick) (tick) (question)(question)(tick)(tick)(error)(tick)(tick) (tick) Planned courses that link to a SDM Map item may be from a specific course, or from a place holder.
2Planned courseCoursePlanned(error) (error)(error)(error)(error)(tick)(tick)(error)(tick) (tick) (tick)   
3SDM linked planned placeholderPlaceholderPlanned(tick)  (tick) (tick) (question)(question)(error)(tick)(tick)(tick)(error)(tick)  
4Planned placeholderPlaceholderPlanned(error) (error)(error)(error)(error)(error)(tick)(tick)(tick) (error)(tick)   
5SDM linked completed courseCourseCompleted(tick)  (tick) (tick) (question)(question)(tick)(tick)(error)(tick) (error)(tick)   
6Completed courseCourseCompleted(error) (error)(error)(error)(error)(tick)(tick)(error)(tick) (error)(tick)   
7SDM linked leftover courseCourseUnplanned(tick)  (tick) (tick) (tick) (tick)(tick) (error)(error)(question)(error)(tick)  Failed or forgotten courses
8SDM linked leftover placeholderPlaceholderUnplanned(tick)  (tick) (tick) (tick) (tick)(tick) (error)(error)(question)(error)(tick)  Unmet or forgotten placeholders


Standard Degree Map Information

1Original mapped dateTerm planned on published std degree mapSpecific ATP or Relative (Year 1, Term 1)?
2Custom mapped dateTerm planned on student's planSpecific ATP or Relative (Year 1, Term 1)?
3Critical dateDate course must be completed by if critical is trueSpecific ATP or Relative (Year 1, Term 1)?
4Plan item typeThe design will be different depending on the type of plan itemCourse
Course set placeholder (allows >1 course to be linked)
Gen ed placeholder (allows course search for that gen ed flag)
Milestone (includes a completion date)
5CriticalFlag to indicate that course must be completed by a specific quarterT/F
6Course setPlaceholder that is fulfilled if any one of the course set is completedArray of courses that apply to a course set placeholder
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