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This How-To-Guide describes the use and purpose of the System Configuration settings along with how to define the individual items necessary for further processing within KSA.


The System Configuration values are used by the KSA system for definition of system-wide default parameters for the KSA system to perform as desired at the institution.  Each institution will have specific customized or unique values for each setting that fit  that institution’s needs.


This guide covers the following topics:


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How-To Steps


The following outlines the steps for maintaining System Configuration Settings and their purpose in KSA.

Once you have signed into KSA and have the appropriate permissions, select the Settings tab from the top navigation tabs, then select System Configuration from the Navigation on the left side. The currently added System Configuration Settings are displayed.


Add a New System Configuration Setting

System Configuration Settings are used by the KSA system for definition of default information.  The information stored is reviewed during processing for verification or the location of where information is to be found.  In some cases the necessary data might be located in an external source.  For additional specific detail of each of the necessary entries please reference the Configuration guide noted in the reference documentation below.

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Edit an Existing System Configuration Setting

When a user wishes to Edit an existing System Configuration Setting, navigate to Settings/ System Configuration Settings.  

From the initial display of System Configuration Settings, a user with appropriate permission can modify or Edit an existing setting by scrolling through the existing settings to locate the desired setting to modify. The setting values are opened for editing, however, the Name should not be modified.  If the Name is incorrect or needs to be removed select the Delete button to the far right.  If the Value of a name needs to modified, make the change by overtyping the existing value.  Once all of the changes have been made, select the Save button at the bottom and the changes will be saved to the database. A message is presented to the user at the top to signify whether or not the change was successful or if there were any errors.



Reference Documentation

Internal Resources

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